Sunday, January 24, 2016

"Watching X-Files with no lights on... I hope the Smoking Man's in this one."

This is the show that saw me through high school and university.

It inspired me to continue studying the sciences when all I wanted to do was throw in the towel and believe that I wasn't smart enough.

My husband and I have spent the last year binge-watching every episode of every season, including both big-screen movies, all in anticipation of this event.

Tonight, The X-Files returns for the first of six precious episodes.

And it feels like the return of an old friend, picking up where we last left off.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Small victories

My son, once again, spent the night in the ER last night.

My poor little man has had a rough go of it in his first 19 months, which, of course, has also taken a toll on our household.

And so I'm home from work today, trying to care for my boy while also attempting to catch up on some sleep.

It's no secret that I'm a stress-eater, regularly turning to comfort foods when I'm feeling overwhelmed, and I admit that I was THIS CLOSE to hitting the McDonald's drive-thru for a breakfast meal this morning.

But I've sworn off of fast-food for at least this first month of the new year, and so I stopped myself. I realized I wasn't even hungry and was instead turning to food because, well, that's what I always do.

And so this time I didn't indulge.

While this may sound ridiculous, for me this was the first small victory I've experienced in a while.

Here's hoping I can ride this momentum through to the next challenge that life will undoubtedly toss my way.