Monday, November 7, 2016

Favourite Things

If I had Oprah's disposable income, I'd go crazy making people happy with all sorts of purchases.

Maybe not so much with material items -- as I find that most people already have more than they know what to do with -- but moreso with things that they actually need.

For example, I, myself, would love it if Oprah could come along and pay off my mortgage. (It would involve just petty cash for her really.)

That being said, I most certainly do not have Oprah's disposable income, and I'm not about to go off on any spending sprees in the near future.

Rather, all I have to give is some unsolicited advice with the hopes of improving the lives of those around me.

So here is one of my new favourite things: the TV show American Housewife.

Everybody needs to check out this show on Tuesday nights. It stars Katy Mixon (best known for her roles on Eastbound and Down and Mike & Molly) as well as Diedrich Bader (who has seemingly appeared on everything but is best known as Oswald from The Drew Carey Show.)

Watch this trailer and tell me it isn't fantastic:

This woman is my spririt animal, and this 30 minutes of TV is what I most look forward to on Tuesday nights.

And, like with me, your lives will be better off for having watched this series each week. Especially if you choose to watch this tomorrow night instead of that other thing that's going on in America all day tomorrow.

You're welcome, America. You're welcome.