Thursday, April 9, 2015

Time to SPARK-le?

For a few years during elementary school, I was a member of a nearby Brownie troop.

I wouldn't say I loved it or anything -- in fact, there were a number of things I really didn't like about attending each week. But I admit that I kind of missed it once I finally dropped out, and I secretly wished that I had stuck with it.

Recently some Girl Guides came to our door looking for portion-control victims selling their deliciously-addictive cookies, and my daughter was smitten. What could be cooler than going door-to-door selling cookies??

I explained to her that they do more than just sell cookies, but she still said she'd like to become a Girl Guide one day.

Looking into it a little further, I found that she'll be the right age to join a nearby Sparks troop in the fall. At first glance, the whole program looks pretty good.

While Sparks is kind of an introduction for the girls -- getting them used to meeting new people while doing fun things like scavenger hunts -- they'll then have to work their way up to becoming Brownies and Guides, etc.

And it seems that things have changed a bit since I was involved, at least in terms of the badges they'll earn. Things like Streetwise, Business Communications, and Feeling Good (where they learn to cope with stress) all seem very relevant in today's world. 

I don't personally know anyone else who is currently in Sparks / Brownies / Girl Guides, though, so I welcome any insight into these programs.

Is it still as worthwhile a program as it used to be for young girls? Thoughts?

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  1. I have friends whose kids are enrolled in these kind of things & they say their kids attitudes have changed for the better. You can always try it for a year...