Friday, November 28, 2014

Of blizzards and aching thighs

Boy, the things I do just to return some library books and videos on time.

This is what I was thinking this morning as I braved the unplowed library parking lot and the unshoveled sidewalk in the -20 C weather just to get my stack of borrowed items back to the library.

I'm totally hardcore and bad ass, I thought to myself as my thighs ached from walking 50 feet through knee-deep snow. (Knee-deep for me because there were snow drifts and I'm short, yo.)

And then I snapped back to reality and was all, like, what have I become???

Twenty years ago, Divulge with Dani and I would have walked (up hill, both ways) from our homes to get to the library and back in the middle of a freakin' blizzard. Because we had no choice.

We would have brought my beloved Lindy with us -- because she loved her walks, even in a blizzard -- and we would have cursed our fate the entire time, but we still would have done it.

We were bitter and envious of all the kids from privileged families who not only managed to get their licenses on their 16th birthdays, but also had brand new vehicles.

And there we were, walking through blizzards because we had no choice.

Yet, today, I looked back on my former self and kind of wished I had the strength to do something like that again.

I'm sure that I could do it, you know, in the event of an emergency or something. But these days I would never just voluntarily walk that distance in that kind of weather just to return some library items.

Hell, it was a challenge just motivating myself to drive out there at all today.

This is the laziness that I have become. And this is why I longingly look back on those days when Dani and I were getting a poor man's cardio workout without even realizing it.

Sometimes it's the simple things in life that we long for again.

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  1. I think walking in a blizzard is only something you do if you have no choice.

    It was COLD walking the four blocks from my office to Bay station on Thursday and Friday. Although I was mostly warm from all the layers I was wearing, including my snow pants. Also, I do like that I get at least 20-30min of walking in everyday.

    You also make me think that I need to renew my library card. That way I could borrow digital books and download them on my Kobo.