Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Confident and crafty

I remember seeing photos of one of my little cousins (who is now in her early-20s) attending a workshop at Home Depot when she was just a kid. In the photos, she was smiling proudly with a hammer in her tiny hands, posing over a partially-constructed bird house.
At the time I thought it was so terrific that her mom encouraged this sort of activity and made an effort to attend these workshops with her. I mean, what a confidence-builder for a tiny person to get to experience an event such as that!
I noticed online the other day that our local Home Depot is offering a free Build a Birdbath workshop next weekend, so of course my inclination was to immediately sign up for it. Just a couple of problems, though:
1. It's being offered at the same time as my daughter's music class.
2. The minimum age to attend is four..... and my daughter's still a few months away from that milestone.
But apparently these workshops are offered about once a month, so hopefully another suitable one will come up soon during a time when we're actually able to attend.
And here's hoping my daughter is just as excited about it as I am!

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