Thursday, April 3, 2014

9 o'clock on a Saturday.....

I find that watching You Tube videos when I'm on the treadmill at work has helped the time go by more quickly, and it's also reacquainted me with one of my favourite performers of all time: Garth Brooks.

In an effort to distract myself from my aching back, I stumbled upon this appearance of his on The Ellen DeGeneres Show from late last year. Say what you will about Garth Brooks, but there's no denying that he's a true entertainer with a terrific voice.

How cool is that acoustic cover of Billy Joel's Piano Man?? I think it's imperative that my husband learn to play this song and then lead our daughter in a nightly sing-a-long so that she, too, can have this sort of appreciation for the greats.
(Stevie, are you reading this? I need you to get on this. Stat.)
(No pressure.)


  1. I would love it if Steve learned to play Billy Joel song on the guitar. I also can't wait to have a fire pit get together as soon as the snow melts.

  2. YES and YES. Both will be EPIC.