Friday, November 15, 2013

Friday's Top Five - Things in my Purse

I remember back when I was a kid it wasn't uncommon for my large Italian family to attend an average of three weddings each summer, which of course meant that we also had to attend the associated bridal showers beforehand.

Back then, one of the more common bridal shower games was the "What's in your purse?" game. The host of the party would go through a list of sometimes-ambiguous items and, if you were lucky enough to have that item in your purse, you would have to run up to the front to claim a prize.

As a kid I lived for this game and began stocking my little purse with unusual items (read: a deck of cards or a photo of my dog) in anticipation of playing this shower game.

These days, however, the contents of my purse are far more ordinary and boring, and I'm sure I'd easily lose this game if I had to play it again.

Friday's Top Five - Things in my Purse:

5) Cinnamon Gum

I take the bus to and from work each day, and I always live in fear of having someone strike up a conversation with me at a time when my breath may not be at it's freshest.

Soooooo...... enter my beloved cinnamon-flavoured gum.

I know I'm not painting a pretty picture here, but come on. We've all been in that situation where we're uncertain of our breath and would prefer to wear a face mask to shield the other person from our halitosis.

But that would just be weird, which is why I always carry some gum with me.

4) Feminine Hygiene Products

No woman wants to be caught stranded somewhere without one of these lifesavers in her purse.

'Nuff said.

This counter is every pubescent girl's worst nightmare.

3) Staff ID Card

Not only does my ID card get me through secure doors into work each day, but it also allows me to ride the LRT trains for free from South Campus to downtown.

Not that I ever go downtown..... but if I did, then, you know, it would be free. Ahem.

Students on campus have a similar card, except theirs is far more valuable in that it allows them unlimited access to everywhere the trains go, PLUS the regular ETS buses.

Wow. Given that a regular adult bus pass is $90 a month, I could save over $1000 a year if only my staff card had the same privileges as those of the students.

Now I know that students are required to pay approximately $300 into this feature, and many of them complain about it simply because they never use public transit...... but I would be more than happy to take their place in this regard if it meant I could have unlimited access to transit.

But that's a rant for another day.

2) Phone

How did I survive for so many years into adulthood without a cellphone? Obviously it's a convenience in life for me to have a cellphone, as it's certainly not always a need, but still.

Once upon a time, when I was a kid, my mom used to always ensure I at least had a quarter on me so that I could make a call from a payphone in case of emergency. But these days I'd be hard-pressed to tell you where you could even find a payphone.

You just don't see them on street corners anymore, so I guess things are shifting to the point where you almost do need a cellphone on you, otherwise you have to ask to borrow someone else's.

And that's always a little awkward, am I right?

1) Daytimer

Yes, I'm one of those people who becomes completely lost if I've accidentally left my daytimer at home.

I'm not spontaneous at all, and I tend to panic a little if I don't have every little thing perfectly scheduled and penciled in, which is a little insane, I know. But it's how I function, yo.

Plus, I'm old school in that I prefer an actual paper-and-pen daytimer over the electronic versions.

Don't you judge me!

That's my list for this week. As per usual, check out my friends' blogs for their take on the same subjects: Divulge with Dani, The Brooding Woman, and A Piece of Apple.

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