Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday's Top Five - Movies I Have Watched Repeatedly

I remember when I was back in 8th grade and had a sleepover at my sister's house. Her friend was over, and we rented the Kevin Bacon movie Tremors. The film was so entertaining that, upon completion, my sister's friend looked at me and said, "Let's rewind it and watch it again!"

(This was back in the day when you could still easily rent movies, and VCRs were the norm. Be kind and rewind, y'all.)

At the time I remember thinking how great it was that there existed another human over the age of five who reveled in watching the same movies over and over again, just like me. It was fantastic.

And while the only things I tend to watch on repeat these days are Dora the Explorer episodes, I do often wish I could just relax one night and do nothing but watch one of my favourite older movies.

And, by older, I of course mean something from the 80s.

Friday's Top Five - Movies I Have Watched Repeatedly

5) A Few Good Men / The Fugitive (tie)

Even though these are both terrific movies, the sole reason I've seen them so many times is because they're constantly being aired on TV. Seriously. As in, at any given time on any given weekend, one of these films can be found airing somewhere on cable.

It used to always be TBS that played one or the other on rotation each weekend, but lately APTN has also made A Few Good Men a part of their regular schedule as well.

(I guess the fact that Demi Moore is 1/16th Cherokee was enough to qualify this movie as containing sufficient Aboriginal content for APTN.)

Regardless, it's worth watching again and again for no other reason than to listen to Jack Nicholson's "You can't handle the truth" monologue. It continues to give me goosebumps, despite having seen it at least a million times. (Only a mild exaggeration.)

4) Crazy Heart

This movie is the newest of all my selections this week, as it first came out in theatres back in 2009. I just love Jeff Bridges, and he was the perfect choice for the lead in this film, completely capturing the life of a has-been country singer performing in small town bars and bowling alleys.

Aside from his outstanding performance, there are two other things that make this movie memorable for me: the spectacular New Mexico scenery, and the music.

If you like country music even just a little bit, then you'll love the rawness of this movie. It's definitely a toe-tapper.

Do yourself a favour and at least watch the trailer below. I guarantee you'll want to then come over and watch the movie with us.

3) Up

There's a meme circulating on the Internet stating that the first 10 minutes of this animated movie is still a better love story than the entire Twilight saga. And it's so true.

There's next to no dialogue in the first 10 minutes of this film, but it will break you.

And once you make it passed those emotional scenes, you'll just laugh non-stop for the remainder of the movie. I loved it so much that I actually paid to see it twice in theatres, which is extremely telling, given that I hate paying full price for anything even once.

2) Forrest Gump

Similar to A Few Good Men and The Fugitive, this is another movie that seems to always be on constant rotation somewhere on cable. Which is perfect, given that it stars two of my favourite actors, Gary Sinise and Tom Hanks.

This movie has everything - you can watch it any time of year, given that it features historical scenes from all seasons, and it will make you both laugh and cry... sometimes at the same time.

Plus, the soundtrack alone is enough to take you on a whirlwind tour of history with all of its rollercoaster emotions in tote.

Hard to believe this movie came out nearly 20 years ago, as it really was ahead of its time and tells a story that is relevant still today.

1) Christmas Comes To Willow Creek / A Smokey Mountain Christmas (tie)

I can't even tell you how much I love these two movies. Back when I was in elementary school, these two films were made-for-TV movies that aired on CBS during the Christmas season and I, of course, recorded them onto a blank tape with my beloved VCR.

The first film was partially filmed in Canada (which elevated its level of coolness, in my opinion), and it starred Tom Wopat and John Schneider. Yes, this movie was just one more reason for me to love the good ol' Dukes of Hazard boys once more.

The second film featured Dolly Parton going back to her Smokey Mountain roots and eating squirrel stew while spending Christmas in an old log cabin with a bunch of poor orphans. You know, exactly the way Christmas SHOULD be spent.

Each of these films has a terrific soundtrack (if you're a country music fan and also enjoy Christmas carols, that is), and I've watched them so many times over the last 25+ years that I'm actually afraid to fast-forward through the commercials for fear that the VHS cassette tape might break for good.

But, let's be honest here. Watching some of those old holiday-themed commercials from the 80s are actually part of the draw for me. Just like the movies themselves, the commercials take me back to a time of innocence, when my biggest concern was whether or not I'd get hit with a snowball from my friends during our walk home after school.

Good times.

That's my list for this week. As per usual, check out my friends' blogs for their take on the same subjects: Divulge with Dani, The Brooding Woman, and A Piece of Apple.

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