Sunday, September 15, 2013

Regal fundraising

As some of you are already aware, I sell Regal products in my spare time. What many people are surprised to hear about, though, is that Regal has a great fundraising program in place.

I've been involved with a few fundraisers already -- through social clubs, church, and an after-school program -- and they really have been hassle-free for all involved.

The key to having a successful fundraiser is to know your audience. Some fundraisers tend to expect their clientele (read: parents, usually) to purchase high-end and expensive goods from a small list of available items.

But with Regal, you've got an entire catalogue of items available, and it's true in that there really is something for everyone in there.

Customers can order and pay online, and their shipment is delivered right to their door by Canada Post.

Plus, if someone isn't satisfied with their purchase, Regal will offer a full refund.

You can message me for specific details, or you can check out their website directly. 

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