Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday's Top Five - Things I Love About Fall

The first thing you'll notice this week, when comparing my post to those of my friends, is that I'm in the minority here. I actually really hate fall.

The problem I have is this: When I think of fall, all it does is remind me that our brief summer is over and another neverending winter is on its way.

Emphasis on the neverending.

To be fair, I don't really like spring either; it's mucky and muddy and wet and brown and just so blegh. But at least the onset of spring means that winter is over and summer's on its way, so you better believe I rejoice and cheer when spring finally arrives.

But with fall? All I see is misery on the horizon.

So just in case there was any doubt, it's true: I'm the biggest Debbie Downer of all my friends. Some may call me a pessimist, but I disagree and merely declare that I'm a realist.

But I suppose I need to dig deep and try to give fall a fair shake without it being sullied by it's ugly step-sister, winter.

I'm not going to lie, though -- it was REALLY HARD for me to come up with the following five items, given that each time I thought of something semi-positive about fall, my mind managed to actually put a negative spin on it.

See, that's the realist in me.

Friday's Top Five - Things I love about fall

5) Milder temperatures

I hate being one of those people who complains about how hot it can be in summer, but of course I do it anyway. Each time the words begin to exit my mouth, though, I try to stop myself because my inner negative-ninny always shouts back, "Don't complain about the heat. In a few weeks it'll be winter!"

And it's true. Winter always feels like it's a few weeks away to me.

But I do have to admit that a crisp but sunny day is just perfect when it comes to being outdoors. It's not so hot that I need to really bundle up, but it's still warm enough that I don't need a sweater when dripping sweat on long walks.

The key to this is sunshine, though. As long as it's still bright and sunny out (with no wind!), then the weather is tolerable, even if it's not 30 above.

Oh, and yes, I am one of those crazies die-hards who will be wearing sandals right up until the first snowfall. And maybe even for a day or two after.

4) Foliage

Okay, there's no denying that it's pretty outside. I do enjoy the crunchy sound of leaves beneath my feet as I walk through the park, and it's fun to see my daughter making a beeline for all those leaves as well.

Don't really have much else to say on the matter, though. I probably could have combined this with point #5 above but, frankly, I'm grasping at straws here. Let's see what else I can come up with......

3) New TV season

Every now and then we manage to change our television channel off of Treehouse or Disney Junior so that we can watch some adult TV again. And by 'adult' I don't mean porn. *snicker* I just mean normal TV like we used to watch not long ago.

Although we rarely get to tune into our programs in real time when they're actually on, we've become quite accustomed to the 'On Demand' function that allows us to watch missed episodes several days, sometimes weeks, after they initially aired.

Watching three new-to-me episodes of Raising Hope all in a row = total sweetness at the end of a long day.

2) Scholastic book orders

I recently had a batch of these Scholastic order forms on my desk at work, and one of my coworkers spotted them and declared, "Book orders! I used to love book orders when I was in school! I haven't seen those in forever!"

And I have to agree: Scholastic book orders are freakin' awesome, and it saddens me that they're only available at my daughter's daycare during fall through to spring.

(But I suppose that's actually a good thing..... you know, in that it gives my addiction some time off during the summer months.)

The beauty of book orders is twofold:

1. The more items we, as parents, purchase from these flyers, the more funding the daycare will receive towards ordering their own new books for the facility. It's win-win.


2. Flipping through these book orders takes me back to a time in elementary school when I, too, was young and innocent and mesmerized by books insomuch that I'd beg my parents to allow me to order one (or maybe two) of the titles listed.

Don't get me wrong, though. I hated the onset of another miserable school year, but I always loved receiving a packet of Scholastic book orders with our monthly newsletters.

1) Clearance sales

Dang, there have been some great sales on as of late. And I'm not talking about all that back-to-school madness that occurs around this time each year.

I'm instead referring to the end-of-season clearance sales that have allowed me to stock up on additional lawn furniture and gardening utensils for half their regular price, so that I can -- wait for it -- anxiously await the return of summer next year.


Okay, so it's clear that this post was a real stretch for me and that this leopard is having a hard time changing her spots. But I tried.

For an actual honest-to-goodness read on what it means to love fall, you're much better off paying a visit to Divulge with DaniThe Brooding Woman, and potentially A Piece of Apple instead. 

(But then come back here once garage sale season starts again, because I promise to be back in my element by then.)

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