Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday's Top Five - Songs of Summer 2013

Still trying to get the hang of taking some "me time", I recently began going on some early morning walks, all by my lonesome, along the trails of Edmonton's Laurier Park. They've proven to be not only beautiful but also peaceful and therapeutic.

Except for one thing: the distinctive honking of Canada geese flying south.

Flying south?! Already?!

I feel as though my summer is only just beginning, but I guess those geese are rarely wrong, and the fact that they're making a run for it must mean that summer is officially coming to a close. Even if I am in complete denial about it.

My view this last Saturday morning.

But with the end of summer I can at least look forward to the start of something new again: the return of Friday's Top Five! And this week's installment will -- of course -- still involve the topic of summer.

Friday's Top Five - Songs of Summer 2013:

5) Beneath Your Beautiful - Labrinth, featuring Emeli Sande

The start of summer equates to many things in TV-land, one of which is the return of America's Got Talent. I love this show because a) I can miss several episodes, and it really doesn't matter since I can just start watching at any time, and b) it introduces me to music I otherwise never would have heard elsewhere.

In my sheltered little life, I really only listen to 790 CFCW radio. But in watching America's Got Talent one night, I discovered the magnificence that is Beneath Your Beautiful.

I know this song isn't new. In fact, I believe I first heard it LAST SUMMER on America's Got Talent. But this year they actually had the very talented singers appear live on the show and, luckily for me, it was during an episode for which I was actually tuned in.

Here is the performance that's left me spellbound all summer long.

4) Cows Around - Corb Lund

Remember when I mentioned above that I only listen to 790 CFCW? As in, country-before-it-was-cool type of radio?

Well I'm sure that was never more apparent than when listening to this song.

I think this is my favourite tune from Corb Lund's latest album -- yes, we own the album -- mainly because it's just so much fun. As in, a ridiculous sort of fun that only Corb Lund could make to appear cool.

I admit this song isn't for everyone, but it is for me! Oh, and my daughter also enjoys dancing to it in the kitchen, so why wouldn't I love it??

3) Hope and Gasoline - Beverley Mahood

"I just wanna go somewhere I've never been...." Don't we all need to do that from time to time?

We took a number of short road trips this summer -- to Drumheller, Gibbons, and the beach a few times -- and this song was consistently playing on the radio at some point during each outing.

I love the idea that the highway, along with a little hope and gasoline, is all you need.

(Oh, and Beverley Mahood's wardrobe in this video is pretty sweet, too, so that doesn't hurt either.)

But as the song says, the highway is waiting, and freedom is calling your name..... so what's stopping you from hitting the road for a little escape?

Perfectly fun and simple song that will always take me back to this summer.

2) All Kinds of Kinds - Miranda Lambert

I loved this song the very first time I heard it on the radio.

But then one day I stopped to actually listen to the lyrics, and I was all like what the hell?!

It was silly and odd and confusing to me all at once, but I still loved the tune, despite the fact that I had no clue what the song was trying to be about. So thank goodness for the advent of music videos, otherwise I'd probably still be in the dark with this one.

Judging by the clips below, I suspect what Miranda Lambert is trying to say is that we're all perfect in our imperfections and the world wouldn't be what it is without us. Or some other cliche along those lines.

It's a cool video, and an even cooler song, and it's received enough airplay in our home this year that I'm sure I'll always associate it with the warm weather of 2013.

1) Wagon Wheel - Darius Rucker

This is another tune that I fell in love with the first time I heard it across the airwaves.

Sharon Mallon, on CFCW, always comments that this is their feel-good song in the morning, and I'd have to agree.

It's just so fun! And catchy! And it makes me want to get out and enjoy life before this becomes the frozen tundra again!

I know this is an older song with multiple covers, but Darius Rucker's version is my favourite by far. He was blessed with the most perfect male singing voice, in my opinion, and I could listen to him perform this song all day.

Plus, there's an added element of cool to this tune, given that Lady Antebellum sings back-up while the cast of Duck Dynasty also makes an appearance in the video.

Can you imagine how much fun they must have had just filming this?

Definitely a song worth listening to all summer long.

Okay, that's it for my list. Leave your comments and then head over to Divulge with Dani and The Brooding Woman to read about what they listened to all summer long!


  1. Awesome list. I love Miranda and Darius. Just starting to get into Corb Lund (he was on the cover of the July issue of Alberta Venture).

  2. Thanks! And, yeah, Corb Lund isn't for everyone, but I do tend to think of him as a national treasure, lol.

  3. Thanks for introducing me to some new songs, Joanne! I've always been a fan of Corb Lund, and I agree he is a national treasure :)

  4. Glad you like my selections, Sonya - and I'm always happy to introduce people to new and different music!