Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Celeb Tweets

I'm sure many of you heard about Diana Nyad's exploits today, in which she became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage.

I think this is both remarkable and crazy.

Given that I've sailed past Cuba a number of times, I know for fact that there's no way on earth I would ever willingly dive into those waters and just swim for land, let alone without any protection from sharks.


However, I get it. I totally get why someone might want to challenge themselves and take on an endeavor such as this.

Brad Sherwood, on the other hand, had this to say about Diana Nyad today:


I can't say I agree with him at all and, frankly, it irritates me that he can be such a jerk about it and just critisize someone for daring greatly. But meh. It's his Twitter account, and he's entitled to expressing his opinion.

But then later this evening I read something that Robert Patrick posted on Twitter, and it helped restore my faith in celeb tweets again:

Robert Patrick = wicked cool. 

Whether or not you agree with what Nyad accomplished this week isn't really the issue, in my opinion. But how you respond to it paints a much larger picture and is more indicative of your personality and what kind of character you are.

I know that I tend to be really negative in general, so reading something from Robert Patrick in which he's just really enthused and supportive of a total stranger is super cool to me.

What are your thoughts on these tweets? Are you siding with Camp Brad or Camp Robert on this one?


  1. Oh Robert Patrick, this reminds me that I need to follow him on Twitter.

    I think Nyad is crazy in the best way possible. I also find it remarkable that this was her fifth attempt. She never gave up until she accomplished her goal. That is what I find inspirational.

  2. You're bang on, in my opinion!