Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday's Top Five - Things I love about my BFF

Earlier this year, Divulge with Dani surprised me with the most beautifully written and heartfelt birthday tribute ever. Seriously, she was unbelievably kind, and there's no way I could ever top what she wrote about me. It was just THAT sweet.

As I write this, Dani is celebrating her 29th birthday (for the 7th time) by enjoying a much-deserved break in the mighty Nevada desert city sometimes referred to as as Sin City. 

Yes, she and her husband are poolside in Las Vegas and are being spoiled by a cute cabana boy named Jesus. (As in Hay-zeus, dontcha know.)

So this week's Top Five lays solely on my shoulders, and it's an all-out tribute to my homie.

Friday's Top Five - Things I love about my BFF 

5) Dani will do ANYTHING for her friends, even if it means sleeping on dirt and swatting mosquitoes.

True story - back in our younger days, before boys and babies came along, our group of gal pals routinely went camping each summer and shared many memorable nights stuffing our faces gossiping chatting around the camp fire.

We always, ALWAYS had a ton of fun, despite the fact that Dani is not a fan of camping. In fact, she loathes it.

And, yet, without fail, she always came along and tolerated our whimsical requests of, "Hey, wouldn't it be fun to sleep on the ground and wash our dishes in dirty water while using outhouses all weekend..?"

Ahem. We so totally owe her for the years of torture roughing it that she endured for us.

4) Dani has investigative reporting skills like no other.

Way back when we were in university, Dani had this incredible romance novel written in her head in which she and I and our friends were, of course, the star attractions. 

And, the best part of all, was that at least one of us was to end up married to a hockey player, construction worker, cowboy, or a man in uniform. ("Hark! Is that a fire truck I hear?")

Our personal tastes clearly evolved over the years, but you can't just think up these brilliant plot lines out of no where, right? Nooooooo. You have to go out and do "research" on the subject matter at hand. 

And, by research, I mean stalking your prey.

Because stalking WILL pay off.
(Thank you, Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald.)

It's true that we have done some crazy things over the years, most of which I can't admit to online for fear of felony charges. But the reason I hold these escapades so close to my heart is because I shared them with my bestie. I mean, who else would have been willing to pull off those crazy antics with me??

(But if anyone asks, it was all her idea, and I was just a minion along for the ride. Ahem.)

3) Before we had husbands, Dani and I had each other.

Phew! Thank God we found some men to marry us before turning 40.

'Nuff said.

2) Dani and I never fight. Ever.

Okay, so there was this ONE TIME back in the summer of '95. We had just graduated high school and were experiencing  real freedom for the first time. There were boys involved, and one of them almost came between us. ALMOST.

The dialogue went something like this:

Dani:   "Jo, are you trying to get between me and my man?"
Jo:       "No, of course not. Is that why you've been distant with me?"
Dani:   "Yes. I'm sorry about that. And I'm so glad we cleared up this misunderstanding."

LOL. That was it. No fight, just a misunderstanding.

For the record, that boy didn't last past the one summer, and yet Dani and I are still together as BFFs.

BOOM. Take that, summer-time crush.

1) Dani and I will be best friends forever because, frankly, we already know too much.

It's hard to believe, but Dani and I have known each other for 24 years -- nearly a quarter century.

Yes, we is old. I still remember when I made her that first mix-tape of songs back in 1991. Classic.

We've packed a lot of living into these years, and Dani was right there by my side for most of my funniest, happiest memories.

The walks, the road trips, the all-nighters talking about guys and what our future would bring......

Once upon a time, we lived four houses down from each other and would go for walks on a whim. I miss those days. We used to say we'd somehow always be neighbours and would live walking distance from each other, you know, in a Knots Landing "back-to-the-sac" sort of way.

We're no longer neighbours in a geographical sense but, let's face it, the advent of social media has basically ensured that all people everywhere will always stay in touch.

So, in reality, even if we don't see each other for weeks or months at a time, we rarely go more than a few days without sharing an email / status update / chuckle over something that occured online.

The history we share is extensive, and Dani probably knows more about me than I care to remember, which is why we'll always be friends. The things we laughed about when we were 12 are the same things we can still laugh at today. (Because we really are that damn funny.)

She is, and always will be, my SEESTER.

(Never. Gets. Old.)

Happy birthday, Dani! 

Here's to at least another 24 years of friendship.


  1. lovely tribute to your friend...i started reading both your blogs after reading dani's tribute to you. i have no idea how i discovered your blogs, but i am glad i did.
    you are both very funny and entertaining, and i love how you play off each other...
    friendships like yours are a true blessing

  2. Thanks so much, Ellie! I've always wondered who (if anyone!) is out there reading my blog, so it's great to hear from you.

    And, yes, you're right -- we really are blessed to have had such a great friendship all these years.

  3. I agree - Dani is awesome sauce !!

    Also, in reply to your comment on my blog - we should totally get together in the evenings and go for a walk and then watch an episode of the X-files as a reward.

  4. Awww. You made me cry, jerk! xoxoxox. Love you lotsa. And just so you know, I still have fierce "research" skills, yo!

    And most excitedly....we have a new blog follower! Hello Ellie! I too have always wondered if other people read our blog. So excited!

  5. Aww, you cried? Was it the UGLY cry? LOL :) Glad you liked this post!!

    BTW, Ren, yes.... I'm game for walking and then TV, haha. Be warned, though... my X-Files are all on VHS and recorded off of the TV. Haha... yes, we really are that old.