Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday's Top Five - Fitness goals for 2013 (and beyond!)

So do you remember a few months ago when I boldly stated that I was actually feeling really good and was optimistic about my health this year? Well, umm, as could be expected, I've hit the proverbial wall. And it's only spring.

Yes, I'm back in my usual rut and am doing what I can to claw my way out and get back on track.

Story of my life. Ahem.

To paraphrase one of my favourite lines from Life of Pi, one of my biggest mistakes is to always hope too much but do too little. So I need to stop just 'talking the talk' and begin doing some walking as well. Both literally and figuratively.

And how better to do that than to set some definite goals for this year and to put them in writing for all to see and harass me about later......

Friday's Top Five - Fitness goals for 2013 (and beyond!)

5) Walking for 30 minutes a day, five days a week

Once upon a time, I used to walk everywhere I went...... but now I rarely even walk to the bus stop anymore. (It's true, lately I've been getting a ride to the bus stop each morning. Convenient? Hell yes. But oh so bad for my already sedentary lifestyle.)

It's simply not realistic for me to get up any earlier in the morning to exercise (my alarm already goes off at 5 am, yo.) And since I'm usually in bed by 9:30 pm, there isn't much time in the evening for working out either. (Not if I actually want to spend time with my family anyway.)

So all that's really left is for me to workout during my lunch hour at work. And, lucky for me, there's a private gym not even 30 seconds down the hall from my office. And they have a beautifully clean shower room as well.

Seriously. It's ridiculous just how spoiled I am at work.

So, on days where I'm not working through my lunch hour, I've been spending it at the gym. Sadly, I am my own worst enemy and often talk myself out of going on most days. (What's wrong with me??)

Thus, my goal for this year is to up the frequency of my treadmill workouts. At the moment I'm speed walking for 30 minutes just 3 times a week, and my goal is to up the frequency to 5 days a week. 

Totally achievable, right?


4) Reintroduce myself to my abs, via Pilates

"Hey, babe, remember when we first met and you had some rockin' abs? I miss those."  - said my husband to me several years ago after having given birth to our daughter.

I could have slugged him.

In all seriousness, though, I've NEVER had rockin' abs..... but I've definitely been much slimmer around the mid-section. Pregnancy ruined me, and I still haven't gotten back to my pre-pregnant body, but at least it's something for me to aim for.

Pilates used to be a staple in my lifestyle and, though I took it for granted at the time, it really did help strengthen my core muscles and improve my overall health. So remind me again why I have yet to do a single Pilates session since becoming a mom?

No more excuses. I just need to do it. My goal for this year is to incorporate Pilates into my fitness regime at least 3 times a week.


3) Improve my posture, via a balance ball

I'd been debating this for years, but I finally just went and did it this week. Yes, I ditched the cushy chair-on-wheels I had at my desk and just started sitting on one of those giant bouncy exercise balls instead.

What I wanted was this:

But what I just ended up getting is a regular run-of-the-mill ball that I purchased at Wal-mart.

I've read some reviews on these balls, and so far I can't find any conclusive evidence that they actually work in improving posture or strengthening your core if you're just sitting there at a desk, but I'm giving it a try anyway. 

Does anyone out there have any experience in substituting desk chairs for a ball? Feedback, please!

2) Start running again

I used to run 2-3 times a week, but then I just stopped after my daughter was born because I had difficulty keeping up with my running partner. And that was my fatal mistake.

It was understandable at the time that it would take a while for me to get back to where I was pre-pregnancy, but, instead of pacing myself and taking small baby steps, I just stopped running altogether. And that only served to compound my problems now.

So, even though my pace is painfully slow, I need to incorporate some running intervals into my daily walks. I did start doing this again earlier this week, and it was incredibly hard. More so than the first time I took up running but, then again, my body has changed drastically since then, so this should come as no surprise.

Unlike before, though, this time I can't quit.

I'm not going to kid myself into thinking I'll one day be able to run a half-marathon, but I would like to think that one day I'll just be able to run again, period.

1) Lose fat

I know it sounds silly -- redundant, even -- but my number one fitness goal this year is to lose fat.

I've mentioned this before, but, back in my 20s, it was all about vanity. These days it's just about getting healthy, and for me that means decreasing the percentage of fat on my body.

I don't care so much about the number on the scale; I just want to be healthy and relatively fit so that I can enjoy life again and actually look forward to all of the activities I listed above. 


Okay, so these are the things I'm striving for this year (and every year thereafter). For more fitness motivation, go check out Divulge with Dani's blog next to see what she has in store for this year as well.


  1. Those are all great goals, Joanne! I've been feeling somewhat out of shape too, and I'll start jogging more now that it's summer and it's not constantly raining. :) Have fun!!!

  2. Best of luck to you, Sonya! I hope you start to feel as great as you already look!