Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday's Top Five - Baseball Themed ANYTHING

A year ago this month we were in Arizona taking in some spring training baseball, which of course meant that my husband was in absolute heaven.

This year we skipped out on attending any pre-season games, but by no means does that mean my husband is any less excited for the start of the season.

(As for me, I'm mainly just excited by the prospect of some spring-like weather, but I digress.)

So with the start of the 2013 baseball regular season occurring in the next few days, I present to you.....

Friday's Top Five- Baseball Themed ANYTHING:

5. Weddings

O. M. G.

It's a good thing Pinterest wasn't around when I got married, otherwise I would have gone nuts trying to incorporate all these crazy baseball-themed ideas into our reception for my husband. 

Seriously, just take a look at some of the things other couples have included in their nuptials:

Pinterest has a sometimes-deceiving way of making everything look so simple and affordable, especially when it comes to planning weddings. But how can you NOT want to have a baseball-themed celebration?

I mean, those cuff links? COME ON.

4. Song Lyrics

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio?

Sure, Simon & Garfunkel's famous line in their song Mrs. Robinson is iconic for me because the Yankee's great DiMaggio was used to represent heroes of the past, but my top pick for baseball lyrics actually goes to Bruce Springsteen's Glory Days.

Sample lyrics:

I had a friend, was a big baseball player back in high school
He could throw that speed ball by you
Make you look like a fool, boy
Saw him the other night at this roadside bar
I was walking in, he was walking out
We went back inside, sat down, had a few drinks
But all he kept talking about was....

Glory days
Well they'll pass you by
Glory days
In the wink of a young girl's eye
Glory days, glory days.

(Because, really, who doesn't love reminiscing about the good old days??)

3. Movies

Last month we were on a flight from Fort Lauderdale to Toronto, and my husband and I got to enjoy one of the in-flight movies, Trouble With The Curve.

My husband will watch anything to do with baseball, and I'll watch anything with Clint Eastwood, so it was win-win.

We both enjoyed this movie -- and many others that are baseball-themed -- but I'd have to say my all-time favourite is The Sandlot.

Loyal followers of my blog will know that I've made no secret of my love for this movie, as proven by this previous blog post as well as this one here.

Yes, The Sandlot has made multiple appearances in my writing over the years. And don't be surprised if I find a way to mention it again in future posts, too.

2. Names

Okay, okay, I give in. My husband has been harassing me to include some of the all-time great baseball names of yesterday and today. This is against my better judgement, but here goes.

Coco Crisp
Oil Can Boyd
Razor Shines
Mookie Wilson
R.A. Dickey
Cannonball Titcomb
Sparky Anderson
Pete Lacock
Tim Spooneybarger
Rusty Kuntz
Boof Bonser
Dickie Thon
Goose Gossage
Shooty Babitt
Dusty Baker
Dick Pole
Milton Bradley
Babe Ruth
Pickles Dilhoeffer

Yes, these are all legitimate names and, yes, Pickles Dilhoeffer is my favourite.

'Nuff said.

1. Stadiums

I've been lucky enough to attend a major league game in Atlanta's impressive Turner Field -- yes, as in Ted Turner's field -- but my favourite place to watch baseball is and always will be Telus Field in Edmonton.

(Deep down it pains me to associate it with those corporate thieves at Telus, so in my heart it will always be known as John Ducey Park, but I digress.)

The song Cheap Seats by Alabama was released 20 years ago this spring (dang, I'm old), and it's always epitomized the greatness that is small-town baseball for me.

* Sigh * Now if only we really were able to enjoy watching baseball at the 'Duce again this summer.....

Happy Spring,everyone! Be sure to check out Divulge with Dani's coinciding baseball entry as well!


  1. Great blog Joanne! You forgot Stubby Clamp! Haha.

    True story: I was looking for wedding ideas on the web when I found some pictures of a couple at John Ducey Park (I refuse to call it by it's corporate name because I am not a sell-out). Anyways, the photographer had these pics, and apparently, you can get married at JDP! Who knew? You get access to the changing rooms, the fields, they have catering there, the whole nine yard. I'm like schwaaaa?

    So I tried to soft-sell the idea to Mark. He says no. Bah to him.

    I wish I had in retrospect, because it would have made everything else so much easier (theme wise).

    My plan is that you and Steve renew your vows there.

  2. LOL.... OF COURSE there's a baseball player named Stubby, haha.

    FYI - I'm totally okay with renewing my vows at John Ducey Park. We should do it on Wiener Wednesday so that we'll also get a sweet deal on dinner!