Friday, January 4, 2013

My 2013 Bucket List

Divulge with Dani and I are taking a break from our Friday's Top Five so that we can present to you our respective Bucket Lists for 2013.

I really struggled to come up with something interesting to say in this post because, frankly, I could only think of one thing I want to accomplish in 2013. *COUGH*lose weight*COUGH*

I'd be lying if I ever gave anyone the impression that I have other more fascinating ventures I'd like to tackle (like going bungee jumping or something). Truth be known, all my wishes are really simple.... and yet I somehow never manage to achieve them. Why is that? Perhaps it has something to do with the lack of willpower I spoke of in my previous post.....?

Regardless of anything that has or hasn't happened in the past, I present to you my 2013 Bucket List:

1)  Eat clean and lose weight.

(Haha... you were surprised, I can tell.) I'm sure that 99% of women in the free world have this on their list of resolutions for 2013, but for me I truly feel like it's now or never in terms of getting down to a healthier weight.

Like I've said before, this is about my health now, not vanity. And if I want to be around to see my daughter grow up, I need to stay motivated and committed to achieving a healthier body size.

Of the pointers described by Bob Harper below, I think I would struggle most with # 7. Pasta, rice, and bread just get me every time, and I secretly wish I had someone following me around who could slap the food off my fork each time I go to take a bite.

(If only Fettucine Alfredo was GOOD for me.....!!)

2) Be active.

As I age and as my metabolism slows, it's become increasingly important that I include some form of physical activity in my daily life. Sadly, this is where I fail the most these days, simply because I'm always exhausted by the time I get home from work and get my daughter into bed.

Then again, I'm sure my poor diet and lack of regular physical activity are also contributing factors in my exhaustion, but I digress. The bottom line is that I need to get up and move more!

The painful truth.

3) Spend quality time with the family.

Like I said, gone are the days when I aspired to go bungee jumping or sky diving. These days I would be thrilled to just go outside and build a snowman with my daughter before coming in to warm up by the fire.

It's just that type of outing that creates beautiful memories -- and it's also the type of thing that will help nurture my daughter's confidence and self esteem...... not whether or not she's got a mom who has sky dived before.

Luckily, there's no shortage of the simple yet wonderful things I can do with my family this year.....

4) Be grateful and lead by example.

This was briefly touched upon in a recent post, but I really do need to stop taking for granted all the wonderful blessings in my life. Sure, each day can be a struggle sometimes, but when it comes down to it, I'm living the dream. (I'm not sure WHOSE dream, per se, haha.... but still. I have a good life.)

And besides, how can I expect my daughter to grow up to be a positive, contributing member of society when I myself am constantly stuck in a self-inflicted rut? It's time to sink or swim, and I need to show her how it's done.

5) Put myself first.

It's taken me nearly 35 years to figure this out, but I need to stop taking care of everyone else ahead of myself. What good am I to anyone if I'm run down, exhausted, weak, and in a bad mood all the time?

If I can't start taking care of myself FIRST, then I'm not only doing a major disservice to myself, but also to the family I'm attempting to care for.

They need a happy, healthy me..... and I need a happy, healthy me..... otherwise everything just falls apart.

Time to start taking care of myself again -- so not only does that mean pursuing the four points above, but also doing things simply because they make me happy. (ie, read more, write more, go for walks, see a movie, get my hair and eyebrows done more than just twice a year, etc...... You know the drill.)

Since becoming a mom, I've placed myself at the bottom of our household totem pole, and that needs to change.

I need to be ME again.

So here's hoping I can walk the talk.....!

Okay, it was simple, it was raw... but that's my 2013 Bucket List. Head over to see what Divulge with Dani's got cooking on this subject as well.


  1. Oh Joanna, your list was as lovely as you are a person. I'm sure that once you put your mind to it the many more dreams you have that are yet to come true will do so for you. As I again missed the boat (although I am blogging again), I will simply say I want to keep on keeping on in 2013, and not be obsessed about boys. Those two things and everything you said also!

  2. In many ways, our lists are similar. We can totally do this Jo. We can. And it't not a matter of how bad we want it. Because I know you want to achieve those goals. For me at least, it comes down to this: what do I have to do, in my hourly, daily, weekly, monthly life to achieve my goals.

    I've got your back homie.

    And as as aside, I was thinking that maybe during weekends and summers, the McGowan's and Whites can get together for outings, like River Valley Walks.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, Junior! You are a brilliant writer, and I look forward to reading more about your posts. (Even the ones where you obsess about boys!)

    Dani - thanks for looking out for me. And, yes, we would love to get together with you guys for some summer outings in the river valley. If we ever dig out of winter, we are so there!!