Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Taboo Tattoos

Each year, my husband and I alternate the duties of planning a celebration for our wedding anniversary in July. This year it was my turn, and I decided we should get matching tattoos.

Specifically, a tattoo on our ring fingers bearing each other’s names.

Sounds simple, right? After all, you see it all the time in the celebrity world.


Sadly, though, my vision never came to fruition because we couldn’t find anyone reputable to actually perform the tattooing duties. Apparently the professionals frown upon finger tattoos because the ink doesn’t stick well to the thinner skin, and it will end up looking really old and faded within a few years.

And don’t even get them started on the scandalous act of having another person’s name tattooed somewhere on your body, regardless of how long you’ve been married.

[As an aside, my husband does actually have another woman’s name tattooed on his arm. The tattooing took place during his foolish carefree military days.  Naturally, that relationship (if you can call it that) didn’t last, so he promptly had it covered by a tribal design. But it doesn’t matter, because you can still see her name beneath it. I digress.]

So this year’s anniversary came and went without us marking the date in any way. (Okay, we barbecued that evening, but I would have rather been out getting tattooed!)

On a sad note, my husband did end up getting a tattoo this month after all, but it wasn’t with me. One of his best friends died in a car accident in Alabama last week, so he flew down there to be with everyone for the funeral. And in the days following, a few of them went out and got inked as a tribute to their fallen brother/friend/battle buddy.

So, yes, my husband is now the proud real estate owner of a 4th tattoo. I, on the other hand, have only the one.

Still feeling a little cheated in the finger-tattoo department, we’ve decided we’ll belatedly go out and get matching tattoos after all, even if they can’t be on our ring fingers.  Personally, I like tattoos that are discreet – you know, ones that can be hidden and revealed only on my terms. Lately I’ve liked the look of an inner arm tattoo between my elbow and wrist.


Something kind of like this henna print above, except smaller.

What are your thoughts?