Thursday, April 12, 2012

Office politics

Oh, de facto redhead, come back!

My friend Carla relocated back to her native Ontario a couple years ago, so we now keep in touch mainly online and through each other's blogs. Recently, she posted this ditty in which she allowed us a glimpse into her TV-viewing habits.

For years, Carla and I bonded over two television series: Dancing With The Stars (which is seasonal, so it's understandable as to why it might not have appeared on her must-see-TV-list at the time of her posting) and The Office.

Naturally, I commented on the fact that The Office was missing from this list, and she stated that her household has fallen off the wagon and has stopped watching altogether.


While I admit this show has undergone several changes in recent years, it's still as hilarious as ever. Case in point is an episode titled "Trivia", which originally aired on January 12th this year. My plan was to include the full, online version in this post so that Carla would be forced to watch it and reacquaint herself with some classic Office guffaws...... but, naturally, I waited too long to write this post, and now NBC no longer has the full episode available online. Doh.

Oh well, such is life, I guess.

But rest assured I'll be scouring the episode summaries on TV each week, just waiting for "Trivia" to air again. Stay tuned......


  1. Darcy and I have talked about getting back on The Office wagon again, so we will catch up one day - it's not as if we have lost our appreciation for the show and its characters, it's just that we were living in two different places! As I said to Rachel on Facebook, it's all circumstantial! Haha!