Monday, March 28, 2011

White wasteland

"Hey, Jo -- Spring called. It's waiting for you to take down your Christmas tree."
- My friend, Tracy (February 2011)

Embarrassing as it is to admit, it's true: My husband and I spent Valentine's Day taking down the Christmas tree and all associated festive decorations.

(In my defense, our Christmas display was in the family room in our basement, and I sometimes go days without venturing down there. Out of sight, out of mind. So there.)

Now that six weeks have passed since we packed away our decorations, you'd think that spring would be in full bloom and I'd be back to wearing sandals again. After all, one year ago today the temperature here was a (relatively) balmy +16C.
Sadly, though, our high today was only a mere +0.5C, and I'm still walking around in winter boots. That is, if I venture out at all on our icy sidewalks.

Given the multitude of earthquakes, tsunamis, and floods that are occurring in other parts of the world, I know I shouldn't be complaining.... and yet here I am, cursing our miserable and never-ending winter. 
Cabin fever set in for me months ago, and I've felt like a shut-in since November.
All I ask is that the sun makes an appearance so that the several feet of snow still engulfing our city will soon disappear.
All I ask is for the ability to take our dog for a walk without the risk of slipping and dislocating a joint. 
All I ask is that winter not last for seven months of the year!
If we ever get to see summer again, I think I'll leave our lawn furniture out until December with the hope that it won't snow again until at least January of next year.
Couldn't hurt, right?