Monday, January 31, 2011

Can your man predict weather like a frontiersman? Take this quiz!

Okay, so there's no quiz. But I do ask the question: What constitutes a "real man"?

In the book The Art of Manliness: Classic Skills and Manners for the Modern Man, Kate McKay explores the issue by illustrating certain traits that us women find desirable in our menfolk. Among the skills that a real man must have are:

- the ability to start a fire without matches

- the ability to break down a door

- the ability to give a best-man speech that won't make people cringe

- the ability to treat a snake bite

- the ability to perform the Fireman's Carry

- the ability to predict weather like a frontiersman

- the ability to fire a handgun safely and correctly

So, can your man predict weather like a frontiersman? For that matter, can anyone you know predict weather like a frontiersman?? Odds are the answers are no and no. And, personally speaking, I'm okay with this given that there really isn't the need for this skill in our daily lives (anymore!). But some of the other qualities are very much an asset for any man.

For example, if my husband and I are on one of our canoeing excursions and the boat capsizes in the frigid North Saskatchewan River, I want to know that we'll be able to create heat via fire.

(As an aside, this ability is also very much a necessity when appearing on the reality show Survivor. Because as host Jeff Probst often exclaims, why would anyone go on Survivor without ever having built and maintained a fire from scratch?? Sigh. I digress.)

Another must-have skill for me is the Fireman's Carry. And I'm happy to report that my husband is able to successfully pull this one off.... Wait -- it's actually been a while since he's done this... as in, it was pre-pregnancy and pre-expanding circumference on my part. Doh.

Well one thing I know for fact that he can still do is fire a handgun safely and correctly. Rugged and man-tastic indeed.

The above is a product of his extensive military training, in which he was also trained as a journalist. So not only has he jumped out of an airplane on a night-time mission, but he can also school me on the importance of a well-placed semicolon.

Yeah, baby; I love it when he talks nerdy to me.  

While not everyone's definition of a real man includes all of the above points, I think all women still want their men to at least be chivalrous. Am I right??

So c'mon peeps, man up!

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  1. Darcy fixed our running toilet, and I was pretty proud. He also hammered out a dent in the front of our dishwasher, and I thought that feat was worthy of womanly praise as well...!