Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Days of our Lives Christmas

Fans of the long-running soap opera Days of our Lives are familiar with the Horton family tradition of decorating their Christmas tree each year with homemade ornaments. But not just any ornaments... they're traditional glass ornaments with the names of each family member, past and present.

It's a beautiful tradition -- often set to a piece of serene background music used to calm the senses -- and it's meant to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling of which Christmas is all about.

While we don't exactly have matching ornaments such as those above, we have accumulated our own set of eclectic gems over the years. Some are homemade, and some were purchased abroad, but they all tell the story of a time gone by.

The pine cone Christmas tree that I made in 1st grade. It's falling apart, yet my mom kept it all these years.

The Santa baby that ALWAYS gets pulled off the tree by toddlers who visit.

My beloved Lindy, who left us in 2003.

My husband's hometown of Potsdam, New York.

From my first Caribbean cruise.

Purchased from a street vendor in Barbados.

From when I was single and going through my FDNY phase.

Paying homage to loved ones across the border.

The stadium from which my daughter received her middle name.

From my husband's previous profession....

...and from his current profession, as given to him by a student last Christmas.

The wolf given to me by my friend Louise when I was (fittingly) studying for my wildlife biology degree in university.

Purchased in Frankenmuth, Michigan.... "Our Father", as written in Italian.

And the figurines from our wedding year.

The photos above are a mere fraction of the ornaments and other Christmas paraphernalia that we've accumulated over the years. (So much so, that I've run out of space and can't put everything on display anymore!)

So share with me your stories of beloved Christmas decorations..... What have you collected over the years, and what story do they remind you of still today?