Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sick as a dog

Having worked in a veterinary hospital for 5 1/2 years after I completed university, I'm all too familiar with "high-maintenance pet owners" -- and I'm also fully aware of the fact that I happen to be one myself. 

Normally I curse all the snow, but for once it served an important purpose for us: we noticed a few weeks ago that our geriatric dog had some blood in his urine, and it would have gone undetected if not for us seeing it on the snow.

Long story short, he had bladder stones and needed immediate surgery to have them removed. 
The surgery was this past Monday, but he then had to spend three nights at the emergency clinic because he was having some difficulty with his recovery. (The 3-hour surgery took a lot out of the little guy.) Having to walk away from him so the doctors could treat him was the hardest thing to do -- he was scared and alone and in pain, and I would have given anything to have been the one going through all that instead of him. 

Honestly, I thought he was going to die alone that night, so you can imagine that I was a bit of a wreck.

(I wish I could say that it was all these pregnancy hormones causing me to be so emotional, but no. That's just how I am.)

By some miracle, he started to improve overnight.... and when we visited him at 6am the next morning, not only was he on his feet, but he was actually walking again. Total 180-degree change from the night before when he was flat out and his heart rate was really slow.

So, yeah, Tuesday was a good day.
He had to stay at the emergency clinic and receive continued care, though, because he was on fluids and had a urinary catheter in place, but overall he continued to improve each day. We got to bring him home on Thursday, and it was the greatest day ever. He was so happy, yet so tuckered out that he lay down on the couch and snored for like an hour, haha.

Yes, I think it's so cute when dogs snore.... 
To see him now, he appears to be doing great. The only thing is that his bladder is still very fragile, and there's the risk that the incision will leak if it gets too full. That would be disastrous, so we have to take him out every 2-3 hours..... which means we have to get up through the night and carry him out, whether he likes it or not.

(He gives us that, "WTF... I was sleeping, you know" look whenever we haul him out.) 
Overall, though, he's doing really well. And lucky for us he doesn't hold grudges and has completely forgiven us for everything he went through this past week.

And -- in case there was any doubt -- yes, he's being totally spoiled now and is living like a king.

Below is a photo of him in hospital. Notice that he was still happy to see us, even though he was forced to wear the Cone of Shame.

Monday, March 8, 2010

At least those calories won't count....

With only three months to go in this pregnancy, how is it that I still occasionally get sick after having eaten a meal?

Moreover, why is it that my body only rejects healthy food in the morning (read: a homemade fruit smoothie) but will tolerate the bad (read: leftover Chinese food)?

Ha, must be proof that this child won't fall far from that proverbial tree.....

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weight Watchers meets McDonalds

Oh, the drama.

Weight Watchers message boards are all a-buzz today since it was announced that New Zealand's McDonalds chain will now be joining forces with them and advertising the WW Points values of some of their menu items.

The die hards out there are arguing that Weight Watchers has sold out by associating themselves with this fast food chain, but I personally think it's a brilliant move, and I hope the trend spreads to Canada.

You see, every six months or so I force myself to go online and print out the updated  nutritional information from some of the eateries I regularly frequent.... and then I pull out my trusty WW Points calculator, meticulously determining which foods are potential heart attack inducers vs. which ones can be consumed in small doses.

And now New Zealand's McDonalds are doing all the work for us! How wonderful!

(I know that Applebees in the US also has a Weight Watchers menu -- good for them!!)

Weight Watchers has long maintained that they're not a "diet" industry and that you really can eat whatever you want on their plans -- you just have to be aware of how bad some foods (and portion sizes) are for you so that you don't over do it. 

So what's so wrong with McDonalds highlighting that info for you?

It's so easy to look at a McNugget and think, "Oh, they're so small. They can't be THAT bad for me, can they?" Now New Zealanders will no longer be in the dark about what they're consuming.

Think about it -- if you go into their restaurant and see that a Mc-something-or-the-other is outrageously high in points, well, maybe you'll decide on eating something else instead. Or maybe you'll only eat half and then go for a jog.

Either way, the customer wins by being informed.