Saturday, November 6, 2010

Even Oprah camps

In late September, my husband and I sat in on a seminar put on by a self-made millionaire. He was highly charismatic, keeping us entertained with anecdotes about why his wife is so happy and carefree (because she's rich, duh).

And he also helped us to put our lives into perspective by asking the question: Why do we live to work? We go around and around, working 9-5 jobs day in and day out, only looking forward to a two-week vacation each year.... and then we do it all over again.


An interesting question for sure, and it's caused much reflection in our household.

There was one statement he made, however, that didn't sit well with us at all. He took the stance that, "Only poor people go camping."

Sure, the financially strapped are more likely to camp for a weekend vs. staying at an all-inclusive resort, but to suggest that camping is a past-time of only the poor is being more than a little arrogant.

My husband and I are neither rich nor poor, yet we manage to "rough it" just as often as we spoil ourselves in the Caribbean each year.

Heck, even Oprah and her best friend Gayle King spent a weekend camping in Yosemite this year!

Hopefully their adventure served to inspire others (including the rich!) to take the plunge and rough it for at least a weekend each year. But the one thing Oprah warned viewers of is that camping really is A LOT of work.

Maybe that's why a certain someone is adamant about staying away.

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