Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Out standing in my field

As a general rule, I hate fall.

I hate the crispness in the air. I hate the increased traffic due to school being back in session. And I hate that I have to bundle up every time I plan an outing.

Most of all, I hate that summer is over and winter is threatening to rear its ugly head..... for the next 10 months.

There are, however, a couple of events that do make me appreciate this time of year:

Number one, Dancing with the Stars debuts again on September 20. (That's right, peeps -- get your spray tan on! Woot!)

And number two, CFCW radio brings back its regular "Meals in the Field" September promotion.

In short, because local farm families are busy bringing in the harvest during this time of year, CFCW will give them a break and supply them with a BBQ lunch, right out in their field.

A very cool* act indeed.

(*You know, much like the weather these days.....)

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