Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Mummy Tummy (and other soft areas that no one needs to see)

"Jenny Craig be damned; I may breastfeed for life!"
- Carol (Dinah Manoff), Empty Nest

You know when you hear a line on TV or film that, for whatever reason, sticks with you forever? That can be said for me with the above phrase from the 1993-1994 season of Empty Nest.

The punchline of that segment was that Carol was burning so many calories while breastfeeding that she'd never have to diet again.

All these years I naively believed this to be true.

Fast forward 17 years, and here I am doing my best to feed Marina naturally and with the hopes of losing some of this baby weight as well -- but I have to tell you, the latter just isn't happening.

No word of a lie, the only weight I've lost is the actual weight of the baby plus some associated fluids.

The rest of the weight I gained has remained firmly implanted on my abdomen. And thighs, arms, butt, calves, and chest. And, oh yeah, you can see it in my face, too.

I've been this heavy before, but I worked my butt off, literally, to get down to a healthier size for my stature. That was seven years ago. I now find myself older and busier than ever, and the thought of having to lose all this weight for a second time just feels so daunting and overwhelming.

Where to start? I know it will be significantly more difficult to lose the weight this time around, but something needs to be done.

Do I join the Running Room again? Go to aquasize classes with Danielle? Bite the bullet and just get a gym membership again?

Or maybe I should just do all three?

My concern is that, with a newborn baby whose schedule is still erratic at best, my time is no longer my own, and it's difficult to set aside a specific time for myself each day.

I know it can be and has been done by other moms, though...... and so my question is this: How???


  1. Just do a little bit at a time, whenever you can. I too struggle and I don't have a kid. I envy those who can just loose weight.

  2. Thanks for your words of encouragement! I need all the help I can get....... which is why I caved and joined the gym..... and even hired a personal trainer.

    Oy. I'm scared.

    Blog post to follow, for sure....