Sunday, June 6, 2010

Irritable me

If irritability is a sign that you're about to go into labour, then I should have given birth about a week ago.

Seriously, everything is getting on my nerves these days, and I have even less patience than what is considered normal for me.

First there was the tailgating jerk in traffic who nearly ran us off the road -- not an exaggeration -- because he clearly slept in and was late for work. Or something else equally lame. (I'm holding him accountable for all my homicidal thoughts in the last week.)

Then there's both my husband's employers, who have been the cause of a great amount of stress for us in the last four months: One for being negligent in their practices, thus causing decreased work and a decrease of $16,000 that we were counting on..... and the other for just not paying my husband what he's worth, period. (Not that we need the money or anything. After all, how expensive could a newborn baby be? Ahem.)

And speaking of negligent companies.......
Why hasn't anyone at Duraguard Fence Ltd. e-mailed me back? 
What's taking Sears so long to get our vacuum back to us? 
Why didn't Mayfield Toyota send me the 6-month reminder about my car?
Why does Visa make you jump through hoops when you call them only to find out your account balance? (Do they want their payment or not?? Talk about a useless phone service.....) 

Then there's the fact that the weather has been so nice, but I'm not allowed to go for walks or anything because I've been put on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy. (Our poor dog just lays there staring at me, wondering why I all of a sudden got so lazy and am refusing to take him on his usual journey.)

Speaking of being bored out of my mind while on bed rest, how is it that we can have so many channels available to us on Digital TV, and yet there still isn't anything on that's worth watching?? (And don't even get me started on how annoyed I am with Shaw for removing the PBS feed out of Detroit....)
I'm also irritated by the fact that I can't tell the difference between a baby moving inside of me vs. a contraction. Moreover, I'm annoyed when people look at me quizically and ask, "How can you not tell the difference??"

But the whopper of all questions that is irritating me to no end these days? "Why haven't you given birth yet??"

[Sigh. Taking a deep breath and slowly counting to 10, trying to dispel all of my aforementioned homicidal thoughts......]


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