Thursday, March 4, 2010

Weight Watchers meets McDonalds

Oh, the drama.

Weight Watchers message boards are all a-buzz today since it was announced that New Zealand's McDonalds chain will now be joining forces with them and advertising the WW Points values of some of their menu items.

The die hards out there are arguing that Weight Watchers has sold out by associating themselves with this fast food chain, but I personally think it's a brilliant move, and I hope the trend spreads to Canada.

You see, every six months or so I force myself to go online and print out the updated  nutritional information from some of the eateries I regularly frequent.... and then I pull out my trusty WW Points calculator, meticulously determining which foods are potential heart attack inducers vs. which ones can be consumed in small doses.

And now New Zealand's McDonalds are doing all the work for us! How wonderful!

(I know that Applebees in the US also has a Weight Watchers menu -- good for them!!)

Weight Watchers has long maintained that they're not a "diet" industry and that you really can eat whatever you want on their plans -- you just have to be aware of how bad some foods (and portion sizes) are for you so that you don't over do it. 

So what's so wrong with McDonalds highlighting that info for you?

It's so easy to look at a McNugget and think, "Oh, they're so small. They can't be THAT bad for me, can they?" Now New Zealanders will no longer be in the dark about what they're consuming.

Think about it -- if you go into their restaurant and see that a Mc-something-or-the-other is outrageously high in points, well, maybe you'll decide on eating something else instead. Or maybe you'll only eat half and then go for a jog.

Either way, the customer wins by being informed.


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