Sunday, February 14, 2010

Yankee conformist

For the four seasons that it was on the air, The Unit was my favourite show. But as a general rule, my husband turns up his nose at all military-themed television dramas, and so he usually refused to watch it with me.

In his defense, after having served in the U.S. Army, he has a hard time accepting dramatized military television shows and will go out of his way to find flaws in their dialogue and techniques. That, and The Unit specifically featured an army Special Forces team..... and my husband "hated those guys" when in combat. (His words, not mine -- so, yeah, this is personal.)

But regardless of his own feelings towards The Unit, my husband was selfless enough to buy me the Season One DVD Box Set several years ago and has continued to support my fanatic tendencies as I've added to this collection over the years.

And, at long last, he finally caved in and agreed to watch the entire series with me from start to finish.

We haven't completed it yet because, really, who has the time to just sit and watch TV for that long of a stretch? But from what he's seen so far, there's no denying that my husband is now a fan of The Unit.

And, yes, I totally rub it in at every opportunity. ("UNIT LOVER...!!" is what I often shout while pointing at him and glaring with my all-knowing stare.)

Along those same lines, my husband has also been unabashedly anti-Olympics. I never thought such a creature existed, but then I went and married him.

I could understand his disdain for dramatized military TV, but the Olympics? Seriously? Who could hate something as wonderful and inspiring as the Olympics??

Back in 2008 when Beijing hosted the summer games, I was refrained from watching the Opening Ceremonies in favour of something else (probably Family Guy), and I've been a little bitter ever since. So this year, given that Canada is hosting the winter games in Vancouver, I was adamant that we watch the Opening Ceremonies live and in its entirety.

Yes, I really am that cruel.

But guess what? He actually enjoyed himself. Sure, the ceremonies dragged on and on, but he still got into it and barely complained at all. (Okay, that's kind of a lie. He made fun of its artsiness and failed-hydraulic pumps during the torch lighting, but still. I applaud his willingness to give the games a chance.)

Moreover, he's even gotten into some of the events with me, specifically the freestyle moguls and longtrack speedskating competitions. Sure, he only really likes the games when someone wipes out in a spectacular crash ("Come on, I'm a DUDE. That's why I watch NASCAR, too. It's only for the crashes."), but at least he's taken an interest in this with me.

And serving as the true indicator that he's moved over to the dark side with the rest of us is Facebook, specifically his status updates, which have all been Olympic-themed since the Games began on Friday.

Come on, get your pointer fingers and extended arms ready so you can say it with me: "OLYMPIC LOVER...!!"

At long last, the Yankee has conformed.

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  1. Points and laughs at Steve.

    To imitate Preston Manning... "Confooorm".