Saturday, February 27, 2010

Dear John reinvented

Nicholas Sparks's novel Dear John is one of my favourite books, and for the last year I've been anxiously awaiting the release of its movie equivalent in theatres. That finally took place earlier this month, and my friend Carla and I made a date to see it earlier today.

(You know, because we're both Nicholas Sparks junkies and all. Seriously.)

For the most part, I loved the film and was moved by many of it's scenes, just as I was by the book, but there were a few small differences to note:

- John is a US Marine in the book, whereas the movie version made him a Special Forces soldier in the US Army.

- The book describes Savannah as a brunette, but she's portrayed by blonde-haired beauty Amanda Seyfried in the film.

- Alan is Tim's brother in the book, not his son as the movie suggests.

There are a few other differences between the two formats and, as I indicated, they really are very minor -- except for one thing.

They changed the ending.

I realize that the movie versions of our favourite novels can never fully depict every little detail that we've come to appreciate in print..... but is it really necessary to alter the endings simply to suit Hollywood's preferences?

I really did love this movie, just as I loved the book, but the altered ending did leave me feeling a little betrayed.


Note: The casting of Channing Tatum as John and Richard Jenkins as his father was a brilliant move. They were both perfect for these roles. Check out the trailer below.....



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