Saturday, January 23, 2010

To smile or not

My husband and I purchased a house last month and, given that I had to visit a Registries office today to renew my vehicle registration, I thought it the perfect time to update our address info on our driver's licenses as well.

Except for the fact that they required me to take another picture.

Why? Because I'm smiling in my current license photo, which is now something that is, uhhh, frowned upon.

Upon hearing this news, I refused to update my license today and will instead have to go back to do so on a later date. You know, when I've actually brushed my hair. (In my defense, we had just come from a morning run... in the cold wind and snow.... where I was wearing a toque but no make-up.....)


But what really gets me is that people can drastically change their appearances via a new hairstyle or colour ....or by gaining/losing weight ....or getting botox injections or a nose job and growing unruly amounts of facial hair so that they look nothing like their driver's license or passport photos..... but good Lord, if I smile in my photo, apparently no one will recognize me!

Where is the logic in that??

My husband argues that this is Big Brother's way of maintaining some sort of control over us. They can't do anything about me colouring my hair, so they'll instead enforce that we all be equal in our facial expressions.


Now I'm tempted to wait until I've delivered and have lost all this baby weight before updating my photo..... but of course I can't because the law says I need to do this within 14 days of moving.

But, seriously, do I really want to have this look imortalized on my license for the next several years??

If I can't smile, I guess I'll be giving them a smirk instead.


  1. I totally agree. That's the same way I feel about a passport photo. I mean, here's the deal. I smile. Alot. Most of the time, I am so polite not matter what the stressful situation when travelling that I will at least smile at the person before I rant. So why not take a smiling picture. And seriously, does it change our image all. This isn't one of those superman issues where you put on glasses and poof, you are a different person.

  2. I think it's some sort of conspiracy to make passport/licence pictures look like mug shots - and when have you ever seen anyone smile in a mug shot?

  3. Ha, you both make valid points!

    I tend to smile all the time (especially if I'm nervous... you know, with the hopes that people will take pity on me and be nice, lol)..... but I don't imagine I'd look all that great if I were having my mugshot taken.

    Seriously, does ANYONE look good in their mugshot?? (I'm talking to you, Wynonna Judd and Nick Nolte....)