Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The little alien movie

Given that I've been having some complications with my pregnancy, my GP chose to err on the side of caution and referred me to an ob/gyn this week..... and that's where my husband and I got to see our first glimpse of this baby.

So cool!!

I was lucky enough to hear the heartbeat earlier this month, but now we were also given an advanced viewing of him/her/it, who was happily trampolining off my uterine wall. I could have watched it for hours if only the doctor would have allowed it.

But there were two things that really stood out to us:

1. He/she/it has a freakishly large head.
2. He/she/it has a spine that is oddly reptilian-like in appearance.

And all of this prompted my husband to dub the semi-ultrasound as "The Little Alien Movie".

I'm sure he meant for it to be endearing, I swear!

Monday, December 21, 2009

My Christmas carol beef

For the month of December, or at least until noon on December 26th, EZ Rock 104.9 is playing Christmas carols non-stop. As in, 24/7, nothing but Christmas-themed music.

And, yes, I'm lovin' it. To the chagrin of some of my coworkers, I've tuned in to this station online while at work so that I can listen to the peaceful sounds of Christmas ALL DAY.

It helps calm me, yo. (And, for that, everyone around me should be thankful.)

But I do have one beef. That teeny-bopper-like song titled "Last Christmas".

Seriously, what is that?? It has nothing to do with Christmas or winter or snow..... or anything remotely related to the holiday season. It's merely a song about getting your heart broken, and it just happened to occur last Christmas. Bleh.

To make matters worse, there are THREE different versions being played on the radio these days, so I can't go more than an hour or so without hearing it.

I blame you for this, Wham.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Where art thou, Fireplace Channel?

My husband and I are having a bit of a crisis these days in that we cannot find the Fireplace Channel anywhere on basic cable!!

How can we be expected to survive this frigid Canadian winter without the Christmas carols and warmth that emanates from our favourite December channel??

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where you at? (Part 2)

I knew it was too good to be true.

I’ve been pinching myself in disbelief for the last couple of years because I’d been blessed with a stable job that was 99% stress-free. And though I wasn’t getting rich quick, I was perfectly content with my work. How many people can say the same about their current positions?

Well that all changed in late October when I was offered a temporary promotion filling in for a coworker that was retiring. In a nutshell, I’m to work this new job until it’s officially posted, at which time I can either apply for permanency, or I can go back to my stress-free bliss.

Oh, the dilemma!

It’s interesting to note that, on the same day that I was offered this position, I also received a phone call from the bank saying we were approved for a mortgage.

Mortgage… baby... unknown future. Did I have any alternative but to accept the temporary promotion??

I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and it’s no coincidence that I was promoted mere hours after hearing from the bank about the mortgage. It was an opportunity for advancement at work, so of course I accepted.

But this new position is far from stress-free.

To go from working independently at my own pace to working within a huge network of colleagues and having to supervise a few has been quite the adjustment. I had gotten so use to doing my own thing that I’d forgotten what it was like to be stressed at work.

But as the weeks pass and I become increasingly comfortable in this new position, I’m discovering that I do actually have time to eat lunch again and take washroom breaks. (Who knew what a luxury that could sometimes be??)

So I am settling in – finally – but it’s just too bad that I had to kiss my hopes for a stress-free pregnancy goodbye.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Where you at? (Part 1)

I’ll give you all three guesses as to why I suddenly fell off the blogging platform over the last few months.

Could it be that…

a) I relocated to gay Paris and gave up all forms of modern communication in an effort to “find myself”, or

b) I once again fell and broke my wrist, thus rendering me virtually helpless and incapable of efficiently using a keyboard, or

c) I’m pregnant and have been confined to the couch in a near-catatonic state, leading me to believe that this kid is already out to get me, or

d) All of the above.

While “all of the above” would make for a more interesting blog post, the actual answer is C. I’m just pregnant. Fourteen weeks pregnant, to be exact.

And while most women on TV and in magazines have that delightful glow about them when they are in the family way, I, on the other hand, have had that holy-crap-I’ve-never-been-so-exhausted-and-nauseous-for-three-months-straight sort of look to me.

Seriously, peeps. There was no glow. That’s just a lie that non-pregnant people tell women in their first trimester in an effort to keep them from turning into complete emotional wrecks.

But I’ve successfully endured the dreaded first trimester and am actually feeling well enough to stay awake in the evenings after dinner. Yes! It’s true! The intense exhaustion is subsiding, and I can now sit down to eat AND keep my eyes open for an additional three hours before my actual bedtime.

The times, they are a changin’.

But I’m still convinced this kid is out to get me.