Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where you at? (Part 2)

I knew it was too good to be true.

I’ve been pinching myself in disbelief for the last couple of years because I’d been blessed with a stable job that was 99% stress-free. And though I wasn’t getting rich quick, I was perfectly content with my work. How many people can say the same about their current positions?

Well that all changed in late October when I was offered a temporary promotion filling in for a coworker that was retiring. In a nutshell, I’m to work this new job until it’s officially posted, at which time I can either apply for permanency, or I can go back to my stress-free bliss.

Oh, the dilemma!

It’s interesting to note that, on the same day that I was offered this position, I also received a phone call from the bank saying we were approved for a mortgage.

Mortgage… baby... unknown future. Did I have any alternative but to accept the temporary promotion??

I do believe that everything happens for a reason, and it’s no coincidence that I was promoted mere hours after hearing from the bank about the mortgage. It was an opportunity for advancement at work, so of course I accepted.

But this new position is far from stress-free.

To go from working independently at my own pace to working within a huge network of colleagues and having to supervise a few has been quite the adjustment. I had gotten so use to doing my own thing that I’d forgotten what it was like to be stressed at work.

But as the weeks pass and I become increasingly comfortable in this new position, I’m discovering that I do actually have time to eat lunch again and take washroom breaks. (Who knew what a luxury that could sometimes be??)

So I am settling in – finally – but it’s just too bad that I had to kiss my hopes for a stress-free pregnancy goodbye.


  1. Ah sweet Joanne. Remember those walks we used to have and you would say you didn't want life to pass you buy? Then why, when you got older, did you voluntarily choose to live in the status quo?

    Girl, you have to roll with the punches. You say you don't like change, but speaking from experience, it's a heck of a lot better than when NOTHING happens in your life and you are stuck in a rut of nothingness. Be happy that you are moving forward.

    Noone ever died saying "I wish I did nothing in my life".

  2. Generally speaking, I do agree with you...... but I never thought of myself as living with the status quo when it came to my job.

    I was perfectly content with the position I was in because, frankly, it was easy and stress-free but it still paid well and allowed me to live a comfortable life.

    I never wanted my job to become my whole life -- but, sadly, it is slowly becoming an all-consuming endeavour yet again. I hate that.

    Unless your work is your passion, then it shouldn't be taking over all other aspects of your life.

    Had it not been for the other changes occuring right now, then I never would have even considered this position.... not so much because I feared changed in that regard, but more because I was actually happy with what I had. Not just satisified, but HAPPY.

    Here's hoping I can find that again in this new position!

  3. I honestly am starting to think that the words Happy and Job are a myth, like pregnancy glow. LOL.