Monday, December 7, 2009

Where you at? (Part 1)

I’ll give you all three guesses as to why I suddenly fell off the blogging platform over the last few months.

Could it be that…

a) I relocated to gay Paris and gave up all forms of modern communication in an effort to “find myself”, or

b) I once again fell and broke my wrist, thus rendering me virtually helpless and incapable of efficiently using a keyboard, or

c) I’m pregnant and have been confined to the couch in a near-catatonic state, leading me to believe that this kid is already out to get me, or

d) All of the above.

While “all of the above” would make for a more interesting blog post, the actual answer is C. I’m just pregnant. Fourteen weeks pregnant, to be exact.

And while most women on TV and in magazines have that delightful glow about them when they are in the family way, I, on the other hand, have had that holy-crap-I’ve-never-been-so-exhausted-and-nauseous-for-three-months-straight sort of look to me.

Seriously, peeps. There was no glow. That’s just a lie that non-pregnant people tell women in their first trimester in an effort to keep them from turning into complete emotional wrecks.

But I’ve successfully endured the dreaded first trimester and am actually feeling well enough to stay awake in the evenings after dinner. Yes! It’s true! The intense exhaustion is subsiding, and I can now sit down to eat AND keep my eyes open for an additional three hours before my actual bedtime.

The times, they are a changin’.

But I’m still convinced this kid is out to get me.


  1. Ugh..sorry it sucked for you. I knew the glow as a myth.

    You're kid is going to be awesome because it has you and Steve as parents and me as an auntie.

    And it's still better than being the only one of your friend group who is not married and has no kids. What the hell am I going to talk about at girls nights NOW?

  2. Don't worry, Dan, Girl's Nights are really about FOOD anyway, so there will always be other more interesting topics for us to discuss.

    For example, do you think I suggested the Butterdome Craft Sale for our last Girl's Night simply because I dig crafts?


    I mean, I do love crafts, but let's be real here. I was really there just so I could sample all the free dips and complimentary non-alcoholic beverages.

    Yes, my dear, Girl's Nights are and always will be about the food.

  3. LOL. Speaking of, when I house sit in the posh condo for a few months, I plan on having a girls night. There will be food! :) LOL.