Thursday, December 17, 2009

Where art thou, Fireplace Channel?

My husband and I are having a bit of a crisis these days in that we cannot find the Fireplace Channel anywhere on basic cable!!

How can we be expected to survive this frigid Canadian winter without the Christmas carols and warmth that emanates from our favourite December channel??


  1. It has not forsaken you! Check out the 100's area. They just moved it. If not, you can always come to my place to watch it. LOL.

  2. You're so lucky!! I tried every channel in the 100s, and it seems we just don't have access to it this year. :(

    Next year I'm totally buying the dvd version in advance, just in case this happens again!

  3. I thought it was on the 100's channel like it was last year...but when I checked, it was gone. I was all "WTH SCHWA".

    Then I was at my friends Theresa's place and I found it. However, this is where rage sets in. You have to be one of those stupid people with the stupid boxes that has 100 million channels. And it's part of the Video on Demand. When you get to that screen, go to the free stuff section. And from there, you can subscribe to the channel for free. Or do karaokee.

    So me with my basic cable has NOTHING. ARGH.