Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The little alien movie

Given that I've been having some complications with my pregnancy, my GP chose to err on the side of caution and referred me to an ob/gyn this week..... and that's where my husband and I got to see our first glimpse of this baby.

So cool!!

I was lucky enough to hear the heartbeat earlier this month, but now we were also given an advanced viewing of him/her/it, who was happily trampolining off my uterine wall. I could have watched it for hours if only the doctor would have allowed it.

But there were two things that really stood out to us:

1. He/she/it has a freakishly large head.
2. He/she/it has a spine that is oddly reptilian-like in appearance.

And all of this prompted my husband to dub the semi-ultrasound as "The Little Alien Movie".

I'm sure he meant for it to be endearing, I swear!

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  1.'re uterus is carrying an alien. How tender! LOL.