Friday, September 11, 2009

Remembering 9/11

Although eight years have passed since terrorists launched their attacks on US soil in 2001, the events from that day are still quite vivid for me. And like for many others, my life was directly affected and forever changed after that day. That's not a complaint, just a reflection of how that one single day completely altered my future.

Everything happens for a reason, right?

But what really bothers me is that the coverage of this date seems to be waning with each anniversary.

While I don't want there to be an overwhelming amount of hoopla (read: ticker-tape parades and the like), I do think it's important that we continue to acknowledge the events from that day with simple gestures.

Moments of silence. Musical tributes on the radio. Poignant editorials in newspapers and magazines.

Sure, these things do still occur, but I get the sense that this is just another day for many of the people I'm interacting with today.

Maybe it's that they're desenstized to the images from 2001. Maybe it's that they just have too much going on in their own lives now to even realize what today's date is. Or maybe it's that they're so far removed from the events of that day that they just don't care.

Out of sight, out of mind.

Anyway, that's just an observation on my part. Obviously things are different south of the border where today is officially known as Patriot Day, and there have been numerous events comemmorating the attacks from 2001.

Family members of those lost on United Airlines Flight 93 were in attendance last night as guests of the Pittsburgh Steelers NFL team. Tonight the New York Yankees will also host a pre-game tribute at Yankee Stadium. And of course there are numerous events taking place at each of the attack sites today.

This YouTube video was constructed by a private citizen for last year's anniversary, and although the images are difficult to watch at times, I feel it's necessary. We must never forget.

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