Saturday, October 27, 2007

Is it time for my cleansing yet?

This past Monday night I hosted a Girl's Night potluck dinner at our home, which involved myself, four girlfriends from here in town, and another old friend (Juliana) who came up from North Carolina along with her two young daughters. I had been wanting to do this earlier during Juliana's five-week visit, but to be quite honest, I was a little intimidated to have her over here again because everything in our home is toxic.

Yes, toxic.

Shortly after the birth of her first daughter, Abby, Juliana discovered Abby had an allergy to soy products that was making her sick. Since then, Juliana has done a complete overhaul of everything they eat or bring into their home. No more beef, pork, or dairy.  No splenda or aspertame.  No distilled water. No medications other than all-natural supplements. No vaccinations. And no grocery store-bought chicken (she instead buys it over the Internet from a supplier in Minnesota).

Her list of blacklisted items is long, and I'm afraid it contains nearly everything that can be found in our fridge and cupboards:

- canola oil (contains soy.... apparently you're better off using coconut oil)
- sugar-free gum & diet pop (each contains aspartame)
- George Foreman Grill (made with teflon)
- Splenda (contains chlorine... Stevia is an ideal alternative)
- toothpaste (contains fluoride)
- water distiller (completely bleaches the water of all its nutrients)

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

I have to admit, I envy Juliana. She's done a ton of research about what to eat and how to prepare it, and she's in fantastic shape. (She even blogs on Just being around her and her daughters has motivated me to improve my lifestyle, but I can tell you right now there's no way I'm giving up the water distiller. Or the George Foreman Grill (seriously, my husband would leave me).

I want to make improvements, but where to start? If I really (and I mean really) took a look around, nearly everything would have to go, and having to start from scratch with entirely new products and techniques is an overwhelmingly daunting and mind-boggling task for me. I'm just not ready for the complete overhaul, so I think I'll start small. Baby steps, if you will.

Having said that, anyone know where I can pick up some good coconut oil and some Stevia??

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