Friday, August 14, 2009

Permanently high plateau?

It's been a trying couple of weeks, so -- if nothing else -- I was really hoping to receive some good news from the scale today.

But it didn't quite play out the way I had hoped.

I had pegged today as the day I would reach my next 5 lbs.-lost milestone, but alas I was 1 lb. short. Doh!

Worse yet, it seems like I've gained and lost and gained that same pound a couple times this week, which has caused this angry little voice in the back of my mind to constantly holler at me:

"Already at a plateau?! OMG, you're never going to lose anymore weight! PLATEAUUUUU!!!!!!!"


I suddenly find myself cursing last night's partially-consumed Dairy Queen Blizzard. (But it was Miracle Treat Day at DQ! I was only eating that Blizzard for the children!)

It's funny, but Junior had it absolutely right in this recent Juice With Junior post where he very accurately stated that women claim to gain weight:
"... in the summer / on birth control / when ... stressed / in the winter / when in school / on vacation / visiting family / in the spring / dealing with annoying co-workers / talking to [their] mother-in-law / driving long distances / in the fall... You see, women will come up with many excuses for why they gain this weight..."

Oh, Junior. You know us better than we care to admit.


So here's to next Friday, where I will once again aim to not only reach but surpass that next 5 lbs.-lost milestone.

I'm confident I can do it, too. Because, after all, Miracle Treat Day comes but once a year, and that ship has (mercifully) sailed.

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