Monday, August 31, 2009

Capital resurgence

Okay, enough sports negativity!

Instead, I'd like to briefly focus on one sports organization that finally did things right this year in terms of public relations: the Edmonton Capitals of the Golden Baseball League.

We attended two of their games this summer, and the only real disappointing thing for us from each outing was the final score. But aside from that, we couldn't have asked for a for a more enjoyable sporting event.

Following the first game we attended, my husband got to partially live out a dream and run the bases.

Here he is pretending to slide into second. (Pay no attention to the fact that he was the only adult running the bases and that he probably displaced a couple of kids in order to achieve this too-much-fun-for-one-night photo opportunity. Ahem.)

We also brought along some lawn chairs, blankets, and our Snuggies that night so that we could huddle on the field and watch a baseball-themed film (The Sandlot) while eating free popcorn after the game. What could be cooler than that??

(Speaking of cool, notice the woman I photographed above. Yes, it was a July evening, and yes, it was necessary to be wearing a parka that night. You know, to help keep the 'skeeters away yo.)

The second game we attended saw me lovingly get accosted by Louie, the mascot of the Edmonton Oil Kings, who also happened to be on hand entertaining the adoring crowd that evening.

And that second game also reinforced to my friend Danielle just how much she loves adores is obsessed with appreciates the talents of Chad Ehrnsberger.

For Danielle's take on baseball this season, check out her ramblings at Divulge with Dani. I promise they'll make you chuckle. And wish that you had taken in at least one game with us this season.

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  1. No matter how many times I view this blog, I still love Chad Ehrnsberger's ass.