Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The song remembers when

I once had an old boyfriend tell me that he thought of me whenever he heard a Sugarland tune on the radio.

This, of course, is one of the coolest compliments anyone could ever give me.

But it's interesting, too, because there are countless songs / artists that might remind me of him.... and yet I would never place Sugarland among them. Don't get me wrong -- I do love Sugarland to the point where it could almost be classified as an unhealthy obsession, but I just don't associate him with their music.

Yet, because of a brief conversation we had one time about the song Baby Girl, he continued to relate them to me.

I guess that's what makes music so powerful, though, in that the same song can trigger so many different memories and feelings -- both good and bad -- in virtually anyone willing to listen. Like Clint Black sang, "... a melody can bring back the memory."

And witnessing Taylor Swift perform live as one of Kenny Chesney's opening acts last week only served to reaffirm how much I enjoy her first hit, Tim McGraw.

That, plus Trisha Yearwood's The Song Remembers When are two songs I wish I had written, simply because they describe this sensation so perfectly.

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