Thursday, July 9, 2009

Poor, fat south

If you visited today, you no doubt noticed one of their feature articles, Why Are Southerners So Fat?  in which the author examines four simple factors that contribute to the south's obesity epidemic.

And one of those factors is something that I've been complaining about for years. Put simply, good-for-you-foods cost more than their nutrition-less and fattening counterparts. 

A large bag of fresh snap peas will set you back about $10.00.

But a large bag of potato chips? This can be all yours for a mere $2.99!

Now I'm well aware that we end up spending far more money when trying to lose weight that's been gained -- not to mention all the associated health-care costs and new-wardrobe expenses -- but when you're poor and trying to grocery shop on a budget, the here-and-now expenses often become the primary focus.

And speaking of weightloss, the not-so-great facial hair / weightloss challenge isn't going very well so far -- at least not for me, anyway -- which is why I'm considering signing up for Weight Watchers again. 

As much as I hate it -- ("What? You mean I've been consuming enough food to sustain a 600-lb adult male gorilla? And now you expect me to cut back?!?") -- I know the program really does work for me.

That's why I went off it nearly two years ago. * Snort *

But in quitting the program, I also quit measuring my portions, and this resulted in the inevitable weight gain I've experienced since my wedding. So even though I'm more than familiar with the program, I'm going to dish out the dough once again and have others reiterate to me what I already know but won't adhere to on my own.

It seems I need to face the fear and humiliation of being weighed-in every week in order to feel motivated enough to stick with the program.  Sad, yes?

But desperate times call for desperate measures, and I'm prepared to commit to this once again. I have to.

Now if only fresh fruits / vegetables and lean meats could be more affordable (on the surface) than a couple of fast-food meals..... 

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