Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hazard County

Even though we reside in a bustling metropolis the City of Edmonton, we're lucky enough to live mere minutes away from our River Valley park system.

Not wanting to waste even a moment of our short summer, we've been taking advantage of this prime location by frequenting a nearby park several times a week. And it's been great, except for a couple of things....
Number one.... the litter left behind by other park visitors is absolutely disheartening. Seriously, people, this is laaaaaame. Just pick up your crap and quit ruining it for the wildlife that has to live in your mess. (Seriously, it's like Over the Hedge out there some days.)

And number two.... not once but twice this week my husband and I have stumbled upon a vacant picnic site in which the campfire remained lit and unattended.
On the first occasion, my husband and I had no water with us, but we still managed to extinguish the flames by smothering the fire with sand we collected from the ground. It wasn't rocket science, and it only took us a few minutes.

Which is exactly how long it could take for these unattended fires to burn out of control in our bone-dry climate.

Looks like it's time to bring back those old Smokey the Bear ads with the hopes of raising awareness about how potentially dangerous an unattended fire can really be.

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