Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gamelan's grilling goodness

Having spent a year stationed in Korea, my husband often reminisces about how much he enjoyed their flavourful barbequed meats. And although we live in an area with many Asian eateries nearby, he has yet to find a restaurant that really meets his high standards.

Up until now, that is.

Gamelan Grill has been located in Edmonton’s west end since late 2008, and I’m ashamed to say we only just visited it for the first time this month.

But believe me, we will definitely be back! (Maybe even later today… ahem.)

The menu is not only loaded with Korean dishes but also with Filipino, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, and Chinese fare, and we actually had a difficult time narrowing down exactly what we wanted to order. This was a welcome problem to have, though, as all of the food we sampled was outstanding.

Moreover, what really impressed me about the Gamelan Grill was the atmosphere inside the eatery.

The décor is beautiful, and -- even though we only stopped by to order some takeout -- the hostess cheerfully welcomed us in and encouraged us to walk around and check out the open kitchen and the washrooms, all of which were spotless.

She also took great pride in explaining some of their many environmentally-sound practices, something for which they deserve to be applauded.

You will not find any Styrofoam plates or plastic utensils in this eatery, but you will have the opportunity to eat your meal with utensils made of bamboo.

And those paper bags with the plastic window? That window is actually made of natural corn byproducts.

So while many other restaurants cut corners and choose to use more affordable supplies (plastics and Styrofoam), the management at Gamelan Grill insists on using only the best of what’s available, for both the environment and for our health. And they do this while managing to keep their menu prices down to some very reasonable rates.

Plus, for those of us who are health-conscious and leery of what cooking supplements are used when we eat out, Gamelan Grill boasts that they cook with only fresh ingredients and without the addition of MSG or any Trans fat cooking oils.

And, with the availability of six different Celiac-friendly dishes, this also means my mother-in-law will finally be able to eat with us worry-free the next time she visits from upstate New York.

Gamelan Grill is a very welcome new addition to our neighbourhood!

Gamelan Grill
8712 150 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T5R 1E4
(780) GRILL98 / (780) 474-5598

Summer hours: Mon-Sun 11am - 9pm / Winter hours: Mon-Sat 11am - 8pm

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