Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An affair to avoid?

Me: "I have a class I'm taking for work, so you won't be able to reach me all day tomorrow."

[insert dramatic pause]

My husband: "Hey, babe?"
Me: "Yeah?"
My husband: "Are you having an affair?"

And so it began.....


Thankfully, my husband asked me this with a smile on his face so I knew he was only messing with me.

But if the stats I recently uncovered are even remotely true, there are quite a few married men and women who do have reason to be suspicious:

  • 22% of married men and 14% of married women have strayed at least once during their married lives

  • 70% of married women and 54% of married men did not know of their spouses' extramarital activity
Oh, and for the record:
  • 90% of Americans believe adultery is morally wrong

Chatelaine magazine's July 2009 edition featured this first-person account from a woman who intentionally strayed from her marriage for a 6-month period.

And whether you sympathize with her or want to hold her personally responsible for the disintegration of your own marriage, you have to applaud Chatelaine for being forward enough to even run a piece such as this. It's an interesting read, so check it out.


Me: "Actually, my dear, I'll get a certificate at the end of my class.... so that should be proof enough that I'm NOT having an affair."

[insert dramatic pause]

My husband: "So, what you're saying is that you're actually sleeping with someone from the Geek Squad who's going to fabricate a fancy certificate for you. Am I right?"

Me: [... madly blinking at him...] "Okay. You got me. Well done."

And so it continues.....

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