Sunday, June 28, 2009

The other George

Viewers of Nashville Star 2 (2004) will remember George Canyon, the Canadian contestant who placed second to Alabaman Brad Cotter. While he didn't win that particular competition, George has gone on to achieve stardom among Canada's country music circle and has even honed his acting skills along the way (Heartland, among others).

To put it mildly, he's become Canada's non-smoking-but-smokin'-hot version of the Marlboro Man. (Oh, and he can really sing, too!)

Our lucky streak continued last night, as I recently won a contest put on by Empire Theatres and was fortunate enough to attend George's private show from his "The Sky's Not the Limit Tour".

It was an intimate, acoustic performance with just George and his guitar, and it really showcased just how solid and pure his voice really is. Frankly, I would love it if all concerts were performed as such!

The neatest part of the whole experience is that George has been using this tour to meet families across Canada and talk to them about an insulin pump used to treat Type 1 Diabetes, something he has lived with since his early teens.

Tickets weren't available for purchase to this show; it was strictly a free performance for people living with diabetes (and, of course, lucky contest winners like us!), so there was really no monetary profit to be made by George himself.

No high-priced concert seats and no overpriced t-shirts and souvenirs. And the proceeds from all items that were available for purchase went entirely into the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of Canada.

(As my husband repeatedly asked last night, would Kenny Chesney ever do something like this??)

After the show, we all got the chance to meet with George and pose for photos with him, and I'm a little embarrassed to say that I was so star struck that I couldn't think of anything to say beyond the standard 'Nice to meet you... it was an excellent show' type of thing. Doh.

But I did put my arm around him for the photo.... does that count for anything??

To his credit, George was incredibly gracious and polite and -- as my husband pointed out -- so very real.

It's funny, but I think my husband now has a little bit of a man-crush on George Canyon, haha.

Maybe he'll now be more open to naming one of our yet-to-be-conceived daughters Georgia. (Seriously, that's one name-battle that I've been losing for years....).

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