Saturday, May 30, 2009

Never wanted nothing more... than Kenny Chesney tickets

Ugghh... I caved. I finally bought tickets to Kenny Chesney's July concert.

And I have mixed emotions about it.

When I was in my teens, this was the sort of thing I lived for. I wanted to be in the presense of stardom and therefore tried to attend as many concerts as my wallet allowed. I wanted to be among all the spoiled popular kids and go to school the next day wearing my over-priced, concert-bought t-shirt and raving about how cool it was at the show.

But things have changed since then. All of a sudden, I got old. Fast.

Last summer, Sugarland played the Calgary Stampede, and I missed out even though they're among my top-5 favourite musicians. But I had to work that weekend... and it was too costly to go and stay the night in Calgary... etc, etc. So I just couldn't justify it.

And that's exactly how I felt when it was announced that Kenny Chesney would be playing a local show here this summer. As a member of CFCW's Country Club -- further proof that I got really old really fast -- I was in the position to purchase tickets before they went on sale earlier this year..... but I stopped the transaction because of his outrageous ticket prices.

Keep in mind that I'm older than my age suggests -- and I'm cheap pleasantly thrifty -- so outrageous to me might be reasonable to others.

But to put things in perspective....... I still wear clothing I purchased while in high school. I re-use Ziploc baggies. I try not to pay full price for anything I buy. And I think that if you paid more than $50 for a concert ticket, then you got ripped off.

Ahem. Yeah, Kenny's tickets were only slightly more than $50. (Oh well, we don't really need groceries this month, do we?)

But because I waited this long and still really wanted to go see him, I just stopped fighting it. This is a one-time thing, and I know I'll enjoy myself.

Plus, if you don't count the USO performers he saw while stationed overseas, this will be the first real concert my husband will have attended. EVAH!

(Too bad he doesn't overly care for Kenny Chesney, but I digress. I just know that his opinion will change once he hears him live....)

It's just too bad that I waited so long before caving in, though, because now our seats aren't  as great as they could have been. But then again, my opinion of great seats is a little skewed, since I've been previously spoiled by the front row.......


That's right, peeps. Me ' n ' George Strait.... just chillin'.

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