Thursday, March 19, 2009

You call THIS spring??

While in Barbados last year, we met a resident who had travelled the world from his native island home to the likes of New York City, Venice, and seemingly everywhere in between. And even though he was continually amazed at the wonders he discovered while travelling abroad, his treks also served to remind him of how beautiful Barbados is and how lucky he is to call it home. There is no better place to live, he reiterated again and again.


Now a cynic might suggest that all people feel this sense of loyalty toward their native home, and this may be true. How many times have you heard the following statement?


“__(fill in the blank)__ is a terrific place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to stay there forever. It’s not home.”


I would normally feel this way about Canada too, but, frankly, I’ve had enough. Winter sucks, and I want out.

I want out from the repeated dumps of snow that sometimes start in October and stay until April.

I want out from this Arctic weather that’s supposedly character-building but actually only serves to turn me into a hermit.



And I even want out from work, where the inaccurate thermostat has left me wishing I could bring my Snuggie with me and pull on a pair of gloves to warm my hands. (If I could get gloves on with my cast, that is. Stupid cast.)


Seriously, it really is that cold INDOORS right now that I’m wearing my jacket and watching my engagement ring turn and slide off my icicle-like fingers.


I want out!  


Now I realize Mother Nature has until midnight tonight to keep us in this miserable state of winter before spring is officially upon us, but I’m not very hopeful for a quick transition. In fact, it sounds like we’re actually going to regress deeper into winter this weekend, as the forecast is calling for blowing snow. (Stupid prairie wind.)  


Is it so wrong of me to wish that I could see this when I look out the window?






Sigh. In the meantime, I’m still missing Barbados.

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