Monday, March 23, 2009

The stork cometh, but not for us

My husband and I were one of seven couples in my family to get married in 2007. Add our seven to our good friends Bronwyn & Geoff who were married in January 2008, and that totals eight weddings in a 13-month span.

And of these eight couples still enraptured by wedded bliss, five are now parents with one more due later this fall.


Yes, that means only two of the eight couples are childless. And we're one of those two.

Does this bother us? Not in the least. We have a dog, and for now that's enough. (Sorry mom! And mom-in-law!)

The last couple of years have been hectic in terms of family gatherings: first it was bridal showers and weddings, now it's baby showers and baptisms.

Now we all know the first-born child is always a big deal, but what about the second? Well, we're about to find out.

Another set of good friends, Louise and Trevor --  who weren't part of our bridal bandwagon but have actually been married since 2002 -- announced last week that their little John will become a big brother some time in November. 

Knowing how badly they wanted to have children and how long it took for John to finally arrive, I was thrilled to hear this news. They're terrific parents, and I'm truly happy for them.

But is everyone?

In a recent episode of Scrubs, Turk and Carla announced they were pregnant with Baby #2, but  they didn't quite get the reaction they expected from their friends. (Read: nobody cared.)

So naturally Turk lied to the next person to come around and instead told her it was actually their first child. Hilarity ensued.

(Seriously, it's worth clicking here just to see Turk dance.)

So anyway, you tell me: how have you reacted when someone else told you they were expecting their second child?

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