Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fashion trends I wish would go away

Clinton & Stacy, I am not. Though I have great envy admiration and respect for the hosts of TLC’s What Not To Wear, anyone who knows me will acknowledge that I could very easily be featured in one of their episodes. As in, I would be the ‘before’ person.

So I realize that I’m stepping out of bounds and really have no business in judging the fashion selections of other people, but I’ve held my tongue for too long and will be silenced no more.

I hate skinny jeans.

I hate them on women, and I especially hate them on men.

Ladies, if you want to show off your body with a skin-hugging garment, wear leggings.

And men, just don’t. Don’t wear anything skin-tight below the waist. Ever. Because if you’re trying to impress the chicks by showing off your scrawny, pre-pubescent-like body, well… just don’t. It’s often sexier to leave some things to the imagination rather than accentuating them for all to see.



This mini-rant was brought upon by my morning commute to work: every morning my husband drops me off at a nearby shopping mall’s bus terminal, and every morning I’m shocked and appalled amazed with the clothing selections made by many teens and university students alike.

But the thing that gets me the most is that these people are slim! The fashion world is their oyster, they can wear anything off the rack… and yet they still make bad choices.

I’m far more forgiving of those of us who weren’t blessed with society’s idea of a perfect body and therefore are limited in what we can wear and how it looks on us. But for people who are in great shape? There’s just no excuse.

Then again, maybe that’s it. Maybe they wear skinny jeans, not because they look good – because, trust me, they don’t – but simply because they can.   

So here’s to hoping the next “in” piece of clothing will instead showcase healthy proportions and steer away from emphasizing how cool it is to be thin.


[…crickets chirping…]


[…glaciers retreating…]


Okay, never mind. It is the fashion world, after all, and change can sometimes be painfully slow. 

Skinny jeans are here to stay.

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