Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Palace of the End... at The Roxy

event>Last night my husband and I went to see Palace of the End, which is playing at Edmonton's Roxy theatre until November 16. The production stars Nadien Chu, John Wright, and Natascha Girgis, who were all phenomenal. From start to finish, this is a gripping tale that was often uncomfortable to watch, and yet, I didn't want it to end. Marianne Copithorne did a terrific job in directing these three actors, and I walked away wanting to know more about them and the individuals they portrayed.

But my husband and I did have just one beef about the script: There was far too much anti-American soldier rhetoric!


In my opinion, world leaders such as George W. Bush and Tony Blair are fair game (to an extent) because they're the decision makers. But the soldiers? Not so much.

Yes, some of them committed heinous, unthinkable acts -- which were described in excruciating detail at various moments in this production -- but to label all American soldiers in this manner is unfair and, quite simply, misleading. If my husband were a less reasonable man, he would have walked out during the first monologue.

To put things in perspective, is it fair or accurate to say that all Iraqis are terrorists? Of course not.

And nor is it fair or accurate to paint all American soldiers as arrogant bigots who are keen on abusing their power via unspeakable acts.

But as  mentioned to us this morning, we're to expect this sort of portrayal everywhere in the world except for in the U.S., and that's truly unfortunate.

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